Ptolema - Maze

It is impossible to overestimate how refreshing it is to hear a powerful female rock vocalist. One only need to hear, say, "Crazy On You" by Heart" on the radio to feel the thrill of wonderful female singing. Ptolema, a Luxemburg (of all places) band, features Priscila Da Costa, who is also one vocal powerhouse. The group's EP, Maze, is comprised of five fantastic tracks.

Although Ptolema answers to the genre classification of grunge, this act also features violin in its mix, which gives the group's hard rock mojo a distinctly Eastern European folk vibe, as well. One titled "Isolated" even opens with nothing more than Da Costa's voice, set against strummed acoustic guitar. Another, called "Run," finds Da Costa singing bluesy, and set against violin notes. These unusual sonic combinations give Ptolema a slightly exotic feel, which raises its music above most of what's out there now. "Run" also features both a guitar and a violin solo, which gives the track added variety.

Maze is the sort of project you can willingly let yourself get lost in.

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