Mother's Day Gift Guide

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9 and while mom most likely would be happy just to see you or get a phone call from you, it's always nice to get her a little something on her special day. Here are a few gift ideas that should put a smile on mom's face.

Tough As a Mother Jewelry

Tough As a Mother Labradorite bracelet

Jewelry always makes for a good gift idea for mom, especially when it comes from a company with "mother" right in the company name. Tough As a Mother is a small, "mama-owned" company that utilizes the power and meanings of gemstones to design pieces that honor the most joyous and raw parts of motherhood. And if you think that sounds cool, wait until you see the jewelry! Tough As a Mother makes three kinds of accessories: gemstone necklaces, initial necklaces and bracelets. Options for the gemstone necklaces are the Cool Mama with a chalcedony stone, Good Vibes Mama with a labradorite stone and the Balanced Mama design with a quartz stone. Each comes on a 14K gold-filled chain with a stone chosen for its natural benefits, for example labradorite clears worries, enhances intuitive ability, promotes strength and perseverance and protects from negativity. Initial necklaces are customized with one letter or up to six, each made of sterling silver with 18K gold and featuring a choice of tiny gemstone (amethyst, rose quartz, turquoise and others) attached to the clasp. Lastly, Tough As a Mother makes some awesome leather bracelets that feature diamond and a gemstone, either labradorite, chalcedony or rainbow moonstone. Also available is a beaded cuff bracelet where the beads spell out (of course!) the word "tough." See all the designs and order here.

TableTopics Conversation Starters


Great for cocktail parties, relaxed afternoons or any gathering of family and friends, TableTopics Conversation Starters are sets of cards similar to the cards found in trivia games, but they are not a game. Cards are meant simply to stimulate discussion and sets are available with various themes, like Happiness, Family Gathering, Getting Married, Couples and the original, more generally-themed edition. Perfect for a Mother's Day gift is the Inspiring Women set that features 135 cards about famed and inspirational women, both historic and contemporary. One side of the card features the woman's name along with some facts about or a quote from her, from Diana Ross and Ellen DeGeneres to Anna Freud and Clare Boothe Luce, while the other side of the card asks a related question. The card for singer Adele, for example, quotes a lyric from her song "When We Were Young" while the flipside asks the question "who from your past would you like to reconnect with?" There's no telling where the conversation will go when the TableTopics cards are brought out, and that's the idea. Order yours here.

Pixel Blue Light Glasses

Pixel Eyewear

It has been known for quite some time that the blue light that emanates from computer screens and other digital devices is harmful to eyes. Prolonged exposure to blue light, which almost everyone these days suffers from, can lead to eye strain and eye fatigue, sleep disruption, headaches, blurred vision and dried eyes. All these nasty symptoms can be alleviated with the use of Pixel's Blue Light Glasses and mom will surely love one of Pixel's many fashionable frames choices, maybe the cute cat-eye Luna frame. All of Pixel's frames are handcrafted and in addition to the blue light filter, each has an anti-glare coating and 100% UV protection. Each pair comes with a cleaning cloth but the lenses have a super-hydrophobic outer layer which reduces smudges and repels dust and water. And not to worry if mom wears prescription lenses; Pixel's computer glasses can be fitted with prescription lenses or reading glasses lenses if non-RX lenses are not for her. Check out all the classy frames in styles for women, men and unisex along with lens options here.

Cask & Kettle Hot Cocktails

Cask & Kettle

If mom likes coffee and she sometimes likes it with a little something extra in it, win her heart (and warm her heart!) on Mother's Day with a gift of Cask & Kettles' Hot Cocktails kit. These booze-infused coffee drinks are super easy to fix; each drink comes in a K-cup so mom can whip up the drink in no time with her Keurig-style brewer; instructions are also included on how to make a hot cocktail without a brewer. Now here's the mouth-watering part, the flavors! Cask & Kettle Hot Cocktails are available in a Hot Blonde Coffee flavor where vodka and coffee mix with vanilla highlights, and Mint Patty flavor where the vodka and coffee are flavored with, of course, mint. Other flavors, also made with vodka and coffee, are the Irish Coffee flavor which also has Irish whiskey and the Mexican Coffee flavor which has the added kick of tequila. Ranging from 60 to 76 Proof, all cocktails are made with decaffeinated coffee and come in stack packs of five drinks. A hot cider cocktail is also available, and it is just as delicious and easy to make as the coffee drinks. Order here.

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