Suzi Moon - Call the Shots

by Kevin Wierzbicki

It likely didn't seem like it at the time, but the late 2020 breakup of garage/punk/stoner female trio L.A. Machina was a blessing in disguise for Suzi Moon. The split gave Moon the impetus to launch a solo career which has resulted in the release of her dynamic debut EP, Call the Shots. The effort holds only three songs but that's enough for fans to get an idea of what this exciting performer is all about. The EP's showpiece is a cut called "Special Place in Hell" in which the guitarist and singer gives a dressing-down to a lover who's not quite an ex yet (in the video for the song, the guy brings Moon dead flowers.) By the end of the song fans will be singing along to the garage-tinged punk rocker, and on the first listen there's a lyrical surprise at song's end; "There is a special place in hell, for you, for you, for you/And it's with me..." Moon has no doubt run across discrimination in her career (and in life in general) where all too often rock 'n' roll is looked upon as a man's domain; it is society's turn for a dressing-down in the Joan Jett-meets- the Stooges rocker "I'm Not a Man," a call for change with a ferocious chorus of "I'm not a man and I don't give a damn." Pity the fool who ever tells Moon that she's "pretty good for a girl." Another Stooges-recalling song wraps up the effort as Moon tells an ex just exactly how she feels about him in "Nuthin' to Me." Tatted-down and with a penchant for rock 'n' roll lingerie, Moon has a look that perfectly matches her musical attitude and she'll no doubt be driving crowds wild as soon as the pandemic allows her to get back on stage.


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