Mother's Day Gift Ideas

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Want to get mom a little something extra this Mother's Day? Here we suggest a few items that are guaranteed to bring her a big smile!

Jewelry from Starfish Project

Starfish Project

You won't ever go wrong giving mom a gift of jewelry. And when you give a gift of jewelry from Starfish Project you are supporting an organization that is really doing some good. Starfish Project employs women escaping human trafficking so they can experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers. Most pieces come housed in a cute decorative box, as does the Discover Necklace which is an oval-shaped 14K gold plated finding with an inlay of Mother of Pearl and with the word "hope" gently etched into the finding. The piece is half of the Hopeful Mama Gift Set; the other is the Mama Necklace which is a small 14K gold plated bar engraved with the word "Mama." Starfish Project offers a wide variety of pieces including bracelets and necklaces in a choice of emperor stone, Dalmatian jasper and other pieces made with rose quartz, turquoise, black turquoise, lapis lazuli, opal and many others. Whether you choose an earring set or a ring, a single stone cuff or a two-stone cuff or some other piece you'll be guaranteed an attractive and unique item that will not break the bank. And the tiny booklet telling the story of a woman that Starfish Project has helped that's enclosed with each piece will really lift the spirits and warm the heart. Check out the Starfish Project line here.

'LectroFan Micro 2

LectroFan Micro 2

The 'LectroFan Micro 2 isn't actually a fan but it does make the sound of one. Here's the scoop. The 'LectroFan Micro 2 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that makes 11 different sounds meant to help mom get to sleep when in the sleep sound mode. Those sounds include five different fan sounds, four variations of white, pink and brown noise and our favorites, two ocean surf sounds. There's a volume control so the surf, white noise or fan sound can be set to the level that the individual prefers. But wait, there's more! Here's where the Bluetooth comes in: The 'LectroFan Micro 2 can be synced with a smart phone so that calls can be taken remotely and there's even a feature to redial the last number that the phone dialed. And when connected to the phone the small but powerful speaker will play the music or other audio files that the phone can access. That means mom can play quiet music at bedtime or rock out anytime! Available in black, red or white, the 'LectroFan Micro 2 is small enough to fit in a pocket when used for travel, and a single charge will last up to 20 hours in audio mode and up to 40 hours in sleep sound mode. Order mom's 'LectroFan Micro 2 and also see all the other cool devices the company makes here.



Oh my goodness will mom love her Bearback! Bearback is a clever back and body care system that consists of a sturdy 17" slightly curved handle that makes it easy to reach those hard to reach places. There are four different interchangeable tools that attach to the Bearback --- lotion roller applicator, scratcher for back and body, massage roller and dry brush for back and body --- that can be purchased individually or get mom all of them with the Bearback Ultimate Self-Care Bundle. The handle folds in half for easy storage, like in the drawer of a nightstand, and that feature also makes it a perfect fit for a backpack or suitcase when traveling. The lotion roller can be cleaned by rinsing it in water and then letting it air dry; replacement packs of three rollers are also available. Bearback is available in teal, navy or black. And here's a hint: Get one for yourself too! Place your order here.

The Lighter Side of YOGA

The Lighter Side of YOGA

If mom does yoga and she has a sense of humor she'll really appreciate this new book of satiric comics from the mind of Mike Nevitt. And Nevitt knows what he's doing as he pokes fun at yoga participants, teachers and students alike who might be taking themselves and the practice of yoga a bit too seriously; he himself has been a teacher of yoga and meditation for several decades. Created during the pandemic when many attended yoga classes by Zoom, some of the comics focus on things like students drinking wine and eating snacks just off camera, and one comic shows a crew of significantly disheveled and unkempt individuals returning to live classes at the end of lockdown. There's a hilarious panel depicting the "gong fight at the OK Corral" and a naughty panel, mostly black but with a thought bubble asking, "Sh*t, where am I?" answered with the amusing "Relax. It's not serious, you've just disappeared up your own ass." Pretty much every absurd situation is lampooned and Nevitt comes up with some situations that it is pretty certain have never occurred and never will. More than 100 comics are packed into this 8 1/2" by 5 1/2" book. Find mom's copy at your favorite bookseller or order direct from publisher Santa Monica Press here.

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