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Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators - 4

by Tom Antonson

Whether it is with the legendary Guns N' Roses or one of his plethora of solo projects, you know any new material from Slash is going to be a treat. The brand-new album dubbed "4" from Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators is just that. The 10 track album is 44 minutes of pure bliss not only for guitar lovers, but also for any rock n roll fan overall. Featuring guitar leads curlier than Slash's hair, blistering solos, soaring vocals, and more, there is a lot to love about this new collaboration.

The album's production found a perfect balance, and did not fall victim to being over-produced, which is something that happens all too often in the music industry nowadays. The magic of this collaboration can clearly be seen and heard through the talent of Slash, Myles Kennedy, Frank Sidoris (Guitar), Todd Kerns (Bass), and Brent Fitz (Drums). As if it could not get any better, the magic of true studio music can be heard in every note. Even through the tight grasp of covid, Slash and company ventured to Nashville to record this masterpiece in person rather than over zoom and through computer programs. This helps to provide a special feel to each of the 10 tracks, which each have their own surprises.

"The River is Rising" starts the album off right with things such as: Hard Driving Riffs, A Rock-Solid Guitar Solo, & Soaring Choruses that highlight the power of Myles Kennedy's vocals.

"Whatever Gets You By" features chunky guitar riffs reminiscent of "Welcome to the Jungle" and a triangle solo by Myles Kennedy that can only be matched by Martin Short's character Ed Grimley of SNL fame.

"C'est la vie" features Slash's trusty voicebox and wah pedal, which is complemented by an epic bassline from Todd Kerns.

"The Path Less Followed" has the flavor of a southern rock song combined with the punch of a Scorpions song, which works well with the song's catchy chorus and melody.

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words" features an all too familiar dual guitar battle between Slash and Frank Sidoris. Also, one can't help but notice the use of a cowbell in parts of the song, which complements it quite nicely.

"Spirit Love" starts off slow, but hits heavier and heavier as the song progresses. The song also features multiple colorful guitar effects and a speedy solo from Slash.

"Fill My World" immediately starts off with a "Sweet Child O' Mine" style riff and keeps building from there. Kennedy's soft yet powerful vocals help to take this song to new levels. This is definitely a highlight of the CD and should remain a staple in their live set for years to come.

"April Fool" boasts a sneaky riff at the intro and turns into a glamorous collaboration between an anthemic rock song and a grunge song. Kennedy's Seattle roots are loud and proud throughout the entire song.

"Call of the Dogs" is a quicker song that encapsulates the true energy and talent of the band. Brent Fitz's drumming is the highlight of this song as he provides a powerful pocket for the band.

Rounding off the album is "Fall Back to Earth", which is a lengthy six-plus minute song that encapsulates the true meaning of a power ballad. While the power comes later in the song, Kennedy's silky voice holds up the ballad end of the deal. Slash also jumps into an epic solo with double harmonies reminiscent of the legendary "Hotel California" solo.

This album does an amazing job at showcasing the talents of the entire band. Slash has adapted to so many changes throughout the music industry, and by the looks (and sounds) of it, will continue to do so for all eternity.

Check back on Wednesday for part two of Slash Week where the legendary guitarist and the band rock Chicago!

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