Vilnius Counting Down to 700th Birthday

VilniusVilnius countdown clock photo by Olga Posaskova

Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, will be turning 700-years-old on January 25, 2023. The celebration of the momentous occasion has already begun as Vilnius is honoring the anniversary with all kinds of fun events leading up to the birthday and continuing on throughout 2023. On January 25th this year Vilnius unveiled a countdown clock that marks how many days until the big birthday and they did it in fine fashion, right in the middle of the city's annual Light Festival. The Light Festival included a hot air balloon show featuring a music and lights show called "700-Year Legend of Vilnius" that told the story of the city.

Additional anniversary events scheduled for 2023 include a movie about Vilnius, a performance festival, an AI-driven reconstruction of the first opera performed in Vilnius in the 17th century, and large-scale events presented by the MO modern art museum, the National Museum of Lithuania and other entities. While many of the main events will be held on January 25th others will be held on July 25th when Vilnius becomes an international music arena. It's going to be non-stop fun in Vilnius as this significant anniversary approaches, and the folks at UNESCO have taken note; they've named the 700th birthday of Vilnius as one of the most noteworthy anniversaries of 2022-2023.

Whether you decide to visit Vilnius this year or in 2023 the party will be in full swing. Find information to help you plan your visit here.

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