Mercy Music - What You Stand to Lose

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Mercy Music is a three-piece out of Las Vegas and they come out swinging with this album's opening cut, "Suddenly," a jangling pop rocker that, although it has a bit of a punkier edge, reminds of the radio-ruling cuts of the Gin Blossoms. The trio consists of Brendan Scholz on guitar and vocals, Jarred Cooper on bass and Michael McGuinness on drums and they also show some Gins love on "REAL" but "Fine" begins with rapid fire beats from McGuinness; he keeps up the speed throughout and nearly pushes the song into the psychobilly realm. The pace changes greatly for "Found Out I'm Useless," a slower cut with a touch of grunge to it; the song is not about self-loathing but rather a lamentation of how a lover has a change of mind about the appeal of a (probably former by the sound of it) mate. The punchy "Total Nightmare," like most of the songs here clocks in at under three minutes and is another look at a broken relationship, but set to a bright melody and a catchy (and f-bomb laden) chorus. Eleven songs altogether on this promising effort, the band's fourth overall and a perfect time for new fans to come on board.


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