Snacks for Your Road Trip

You know it's going to happen; when you're traveling, you're going to want snacks! Enjoy staving off the munchies with the goodies we recommend here.

Wiley Wallaby Soft & Chewy Licorice

Wiley Wallaby

Wallabies are kangaroo-like marsupials native to Australia and the maker's of Wiley Wallaby gourmet soft & chewy licorice are fond of using slogans like "Hop on it!" on their packages, a reference to how wallabies motivate by jumping. We wholeheartedly agree that now is the time to hop on the Wiley Wallaby bandwagon and frankly we wonder if we'll ever nibble on any other brand of licorice from now on. Packaged in generous 10 ounce bags, Wiley Wallaby licorice pieces are thick chunks a little more than an inch and a half long, so while you could put the whole thing in your mouth at once, really it's more suitable to munch a piece in two or three bites. We're partial to the Hot Cinnamon flavor and the Classic Black licorice but Wiley Wallaby also comes in Classic Red (strawberry) and numerous fruit flavors like Watermelon (another of our favorites), Green Apple, Huckleberry and Blueberry Pomegranate. Fat free, vegan and with no high fructose corn syrup, Wiley Wallaby licorice is not only a satisfying snack but also a good option for the health-conscious. Wiley Wallaby licorice is widely available at retail outlets like Walgreens and Target but you can order direct from the company here.

Franny Grains Granola

Franny Grains Granola

If you think that granola is kind of ho-hum, well you clearly haven't had Franny Grains Granola yet. The newest Franny Grains Granola flavor is Apple Pecan Pie and yes it is as tasty as it sounds. Made with cinnamon, apples, pecans, quinoa, pepitas and flaxseed, the variety (like all the other Franny Grains Granola choices) is made with organic and local superfoods without any kind of synthetic sweetener, artificial flavoring or preservative. Other enticing flavors include the yummy Chocolate Covered Strawberries with dark chocolate, quinoa and flaxseed, Honey Health Nut with almonds, honey, quinoa and chia seeds, the invigorating Game Day with espresso beans, quinoa, chia seeds and cinnamon, PB Bananas with, you guessed it, peanut butter, banana, flaxseed and quinoa, and The O.G. (the "Original Granola") that contains berries, nuts, quinoa, flaxseed and cinnamon. Delicious and healthy too? Count us in! Order your Franny Grains Granola here.

Confetti Lovely Veggie Chips

Confetti Veggie Chips

You can tell just by looking at bags of Confetti Lovely Veggie Chips that the folks who work at the company are having lots of fun. Each package has a silly dad joke printed on the bag's bottom, like "What did the carrot say in martial arts class?" Of course it said "Beware, I have a black belt in carrot-e." The real fun though begins once you open a bag of Confetti Lovely Veggie Chips and we have gone completely bonkers over the Teriyaki BBQ flavor chips. They're nutrient dense, gently crafted and gluten free thick slices of red radish, okra, green radish, carrot, shiitake mushroom and purple sweet potato. We love getting our fiber from these beauties (there may be some odd shapes but yes, they are lovely) and well, if you want us to share you better be quick to ask! Confetti Lovely Veggie Chips also come in Tandoori Curry and Summer Truffle flavors and if your favorite chips in those bags are the shiitakes, you can order bags that contain only premium shiitake mushrooms in Black Truffle and Green Curry flavors. These colorful artisanal chips are as good for you as they are fun to eat! Oh and if you've heard a good veggie joke lately the folks at Confetti Lovely Veggie Chips want to hear from you. Stock up on Confetti Lovely Veggie Chips for your road trip here.

Sweet Chaos Popcorn

Sweet Chaos Popcorn

There are a few goodies that can be considered classic road trip snacks and popcorn is one of them. Whether you're sharing the treat with the family while watching a movie in the hotel room, passing a bag around in the car or enjoying the snack during a hike or camping trip, popcorn is a satisfying food that's also fun to eat. The folks at Sweet Chaos make some of the best pre-popped popcorn that you'll find anywhere! They pop their non-GMO popcorn in coconut oil in small kettles which ensures that you always get a quality snack. No high fructose corn syrup is used and there's no trans fat or artificial colors or flavorings used in their gluten free munchies either. Now get ready for your mouth to water! Sweet Chaos makes a White Cheddar variety with real cheddar cheese, Movie Theater Butter with (of course!) real butter, a self-explanatory Sea Salt popcorn, an awesome Kettle Corn and for those who like a bit of spice, a Jalapeno Blue Cheese variety is available too. And then there are the "drizzled" popcorns! Sweet Chaos offers irresistible sweet and salty drizzled varieties like Peanut Butter Cup that's coated with dark chocolately and peanut buttery drizzle, Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter that is just as enticing as it sounds, and Black and White popcorn that's a double dose of cocoa goodness with both dark and white chocolate drizzle. Sweet Chaos like to think of their popcorns as "delightfully disruptive" and we can see why! Sweet Chaos popcorns are available at retail outlets like Walmart and Family Dollar or online at Amazon; find more information on where to buy in your area here.

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