antiReviews: Blue October-"Consent To Treatment"
Review by Dr Fever

Blue October-"Consent To Treatment"
Label: Universal

Retarded Disfigured Clown
Independently Happy
Breakfast After 10
Balance Beam
Conversation Via Radio (Do You Ever Wonder?)
Libby I'm Listening
The Answer

Ask yourself this question. What do you get when you cross parts of Pearl Jam, "Throwing Copper"-era Live, and parts of The Dave Matthews Band? You get Blue October. A band that has toiled in the underground for years until now, finally getting their break with Universal Records.

The songs on "Consent To Treatment" are a refreshing break from the usual RapRock, Cute Boy Mall Punk and Wannabe Hardcore that cluters the rock landscape. These are songs that your average person can relate to, especially anyone who's ever been through a bad relationship.

The highlight of this entire, tight album is "Breakfast After 10". The first single released to rock radio paints a picture of a guy who's dealing with the b.s. of a bad break up. ONLY, unlike your usual crap on this subject, it flips the script and basically gives "the finger" to (as a friend of mine calls them) "Confused, Dumb ass B*tchs" who have no clue what a relationship is or should be.

I highly recommend this album to two groups of people:
1. Fans of Pearl Jam, Live and/or DMB.
2. People who don't like overproduced, overdone crap 

This is a straight up rock album with some refreshing twists (When was the last time you heard a mandolin, tuba or E-bow on a rock album?) and I promise you won't be disappointed.

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