antiReviews: LA Guns - Man In The Moon
Review by Scott Vile

LA Guns - Man In The Moon
Label: Spitfire Records

1. Man In The Moon
2. Beautiful
3. Good Thing
4. Spider's Web
5. Don't Call Me Crazy
6. Hypnotized
7. Fast Talkin' Dream Dealer
8. Out Of Sight
9. Turn It Around
10. Scream

Finally! It's almost hard to believe, but there's actually a new album from L.A. Guns with their original line-up. The very fact that vocalist Phil Lewis is back with the band will be enough for the diehards to rejoice.  However, because of several questionable albums released after Phil's departure, the Gunners know that they have a lot of territory to cover to reclaim their old fanbase.

Will this disc win over their old fans? Only time will tell, but L.A. Guns have made a strong effort to do so with "Man In The Moon." The band sounds hungry to rock, yet mature and comfortable with each other. The disc has a vibe that is like a combination of their self-titled debut and "Hollywood Vampires." "Man In The Moon" is a rather traditional hard rock disc, but it's probably wise for them not to get too experimental yet.

The disc has some great rockers like the title track, "Hypnotized," "Good Thing," and "Scream." Although "Spider's Web" shares the same riff as "Never Enough" off 1989's "Cocked and Loaded," it is still unique enough to be cool. "Beautiful" is a great semi-ballad with a strong riff and would be a great choice as a single. "Out Of Sight" is the most unique track on the disc and is one of my favorites. "Turn It Around" is really mellow, it sounds like a song of Phil's solo album "More Purple Than Black."

Even though the band isn't straying from it's formula, "Man In The Moon" is still a strong disc I recommend to every L.A. Guns fan and fans of the genre. Tracii's still the cool guitar hero, Phil still has one of the greatest hard rock voices, and most importantly, the band is still making songs that deserve to be heard.

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