The Cult Beyond Good and Evil
Review by antiGUY

The Cult Beyond Good and Evil
Label: Lava/Atlantic

War (The Process)
The Saint
Take the Power
American Gothic
Ashes and Ghosts
Shape the Sky
Speed of Light
True Believers
My Bridges Burn
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It's almost as if The Cult never left, "Beyond Good and Evil" picks up where they left off with their 1994 self-titled album. In fact the time off seems to have paid off for the group as they seemed more focused this time around. Ian Astbury has never sounded better, his powerful Jim Morrison meets Goth style is still as powerful as ever. To be honest I had forgotten how cool this band was until I heard the recent tribute album to them put out by Versailles Records. I had forgotten how they really bridged the world of hard rock and goth. Sure many have tried to bridge these diverse styles since The Cult but no one comes close to accomplishing the task as well as these guys. 

"Beyond Good and Evil" is familiar territory for The Cult. You get everything you expect from this disc; Ian's powerful vocals, the unique psychedelic tones of guitarist Billy Duffy still lay the groundwork for the songs. Duffy as usual brings a diverse mix to the songs with his patented psychedelic meets punk riffs. 

It's about time for a new generation of music fans to discover the musical power of The Cult and for old time fans to remember why they loved this band in the first place. "Beyond Good and Evil" brings The Cult back to the forfront of the heavy music scene with a more mature and polished version of their former selves. This is a disc you don't want to miss! 

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