Prime STH – Underneath The Surface
Review by antiGUY

Prime STH – Underneath The Surface
Label: Giant Records /Reprise 

Underneath The Surface
I Don't Envy You
I'm Stupid (Don't Worry ‘Bout me)
In My Head
From the Inside
Even the Score (No One Else)
My Evil Friend
Let Me Bleed
24 Song
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Underneath The Surface
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Wondering where the new hotbed of rock is? You might be surprised when I say that it's Sweden! That's right-Sweden-the land of ABBA and Ace of Base. 2001 has given us a few exceptional rockin' exports from that mysterious land of blond bombshells and great beer. On the heavier side of the spectrum we got two exceptional releases from Opeth and Lost Horizon, now on the alternative rock side we have a great new disc from Prime STH. 

Prime STH are the latest Swedish rock export to hit the U.S. shores. They come courtesy of Giant Records/Reprise and after listening to their U.S. debut it becomes quickly apparent how they attracted the attention of U.S. record labels. They have that melodic modern rock sound that put Bush on the map but they also delve into other areas like Industrial and straight ahead rock. 

The disc captured my attention and respect from the first moment. The guitar work on the opening track "Underneath The Surface" has a catchy groove that should endear the band to modern rock radio. What's more impressive are the vocals; Prime STH's lead singer Noa has a great modern rock sound that delivers power without having to resort to screaming. You only have to listen to the first three tracks to get hooked. The chorus to "I Don't Envy You" is down right infectious. With the next track, "I'm Stupid" they take things down a notch and show that they are just as comfortable performing a ballad as the full out rockers. What can I say? The songs are hits without even trying to be. Prime STH may finally make amends to the world for those other Swedish exports ABBA and Ace of Base. 

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