Flaw Through The Eyes 
Review by antiGUY

Flaw Through The Eyes 
Label: Universal / Republic

Only The Strong 
My Letter 
Get Up Again 
What I Have To Do 
Inner Strength 
Best I Am 
Out Of Whack 
One More Time
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The major label debut from Flaw is the perfect counter argument to those who would casually dismiss the nu metal genre as only simplistic drop tuned guitars pounding out unremitting powerchords and primal screaming vocals. 

Flaw proves that the nu metal style can be used as a solid foundation for dynamic music. Their songs find a perfect equilibrium between melody and aggression; they are heavy but still catchy as hell. Unlike many nu-metal vocalists, Flaw's Chris Volz isn't afraid to show that he can actually sing. He delivers his introspective lyrics with power and melody, providing vocal hooks where they are needed and aggressive screams where the songs need that extra push over the cliff to get the point across. 

Much like A Perfect Circle or Factory 81, Flaw combines elements of a variety of music styles but still delivers a sound that is both unique and readily identifiable, in other words, when you listen to any song on this CD while they vary heavily from one another, you still know you're listening to the same band. Unlike many of their contemporaries Flaw isn't restrained by the emblematic nu-metal powerchord driven formula, sure there is plenty of crunch here while at the same time the musical undercurrent is dynamic, the powerchords take on the proper role of driving the rhythm not dominating the songs, so that melodic leads carry the songs forward providing a compelling counterbalance to the vocals. 

Flaw gives the nu-metal scene a new vitality and relevance, instead of resting on the tried and true formula of the genre; they instead inject new influences and elements into the mix to help take the style to a whole new level. Simply put, this is how it should be done, accept no imitators, Flaw is the real deal! 

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