Anathema A Fine Day to Exit
Review by antiGUY

Anathema A Fine Day to Exit
Label: Koch / Music for Nations

Looking Outside Inside
Leave No Trace
A Fine Day to Exit
Temporary Peace
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Anathema have been a criminally underrated band for 12 years. Sure they have received their share of critical praise and have amassed a nice grassroots following but the quality with this band is deserving of banner headlines and marques worldwide, not to mention the word "multi-platinum" used to describe their record sales. Alas that hasn't happened yet. 

Most bands dream of recording their own "Sgt. Pepper", an album that becomes a living testament to their musical ability, which also stretches the known boundaries of music. With "A Fine Day to Exit" not only does Anathema find their "Sgt. Pepper" but they also produce their "Ok Computer" and "The Wall".  There is no mincing words here, in my humble opinion Anathema have produced a modern masterpiece. 

The band and producer Nick Griffiths (Pink Floyd, Roger Waters) can be proud of reaching new music heights. The sound on this eclectic album rings of classic Anathema meets Radiohead and Pink Floyd, with some Asia thrown in. The reader really has to hear this CD to believe it because words cannot even start to do it justice. Anathema is one of music's best-kept secrets, I only hope that with this new milestone for the band they finally achieve the success they so richly deserve.  Wake up world, throw out that preprocessed crap you call music and recognize the greatness that has been sitting right under your noses for a dozen years. "A Fine Day to Exit" is easily one of the best albums of the year, if not the decade. 

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