B.R.M.C. � Black Rebel Motercycle Club 
Review by antiGUY

B.R.M.C. � Black Rebel Motercycle Club 
Label: Virgin Records America

Love Burns
Red Eyes and Tears
Whatever Happened To My Rock �n' Roll (Punk Song)
White Palms
As Sure As The Sun
Too Real
Spread Your Love
Head Up High
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I've heard a lot of buzz in music circles about this San Francisco band and was happy when this CD showed up in the mail and was even happier after pushing play on the CD player. 

Not since Enuff Z'nuff or Flowerhead have I heard a band so perfectly capture the essence of classic brit rock coupled with the late sixties psychedelic sound and give it a modern relevant feel. You don't need hallucinogenics to take a trip, just turn out the lights, burn some candles and incense and put this CD on. 

I was hooked from the opening bars of "Love Burns" with it's aural feel that segs into an acoustic guitar track followed by drums and a melodic vocal that builds into a multi-musical textured chorus that stays with you hours after you heard it. The song ends with a mix of clean and fuzz guitars. Heady stuff man, it's groovy baby! 

That classic psychedelic feel comes on strong with the second track "Red Eyes and Tears" which would have sounded just as relevant in 1968 as it does today. Then the band changes into a early glam-punk band for "Whatever Happened To My Rock �n' Roll (Punk Song)" ala the Stooges. 

The fourth track "Awake" features an almost progressive musical feel multi-layered instrumentation and some amazing vocals that harkens back to George Harrison during the Revolver era.  The rest of the disc is equally as good with more fuzzy guitar, big beefy basslines and trippy vocals than you can shake a peace sign at. Definitely, one of the top releases of the year by far! 

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