Ozzy Osbourne – Down to Earth 
Review by antiGUY

Ozzy Osbourne – Down to Earth 
Label: Epic Records

Gets Me Through
Facing Hell
No Easy Way Out
That I Never Had
You Know…(Part 1)
Running Out of Time
Black Illusion
Can You Hear Them?
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Ozzy returns! After six long years "Down to Earth" marks Ozzy Osbourne's return to record store shelves with a new studio album. With this collection of songs Ozzy gives us a glimpse into his music's evolution. While other artists tend to stick to one "safe" sound formula for their albums, often churning out CD after CD of the same ol' thing, Ozzy alters his sound with each release. Sometimes this works to great effect like the evolution between "Diary of a Madman" and" Bark at the Moon" or he misses the mark like 1989's "No Rest for the Wicked". 

"Down to Earth" picks up where "Ozzmosis" left off. This time around he stays true to his roots but also produces a sound that is still relevant in today's music market. The first single "Gets Me Through" is mid-tempo biographical rocker that sets the tone for the entire album. "Facing Hell," sounds as if it was composed during the "No More Tears" era, as it closely resembles Ozzy's sound of that period.  "Dreamer" is an epic ballad that comes close to measuring up to past Ozzy ballads like "So Tired" and "Goodbye to Romance".  "No Easy Way Out" features a killer descending note chorus and "You Know (Part 1) is another ballad that takes a more subdued approach than "Dreamer", sort of like the contrast between "Revelation (Mother Earth)" and "Goodbye to Romance". Ozzy picks up the pace again with the sing-song "Junky" and then slows down a couple steps for "Running Out of Time" before quickening things up again with "Black Illusions" and "Alive". Ozzy then closes the album out with a melodic hard rocker "Can You Hear Them". 

"Down to Earth" is an altogether strong effort from the Ozzman, while it doesn't quite measure up to "Blizzard of Ozz" it is still a killer collection of songs that should keep Ozzy loyalist happy. 

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