Bodyjar How It Works 
Review by antiGUY

Bodyjar How It Works 
Label: Nitro Records
Release Date: July 10, 2001

  • Not the Same
  • Feed It
  • Ordinary Lives 
  • Make it Up
  • No Payback
  • Calling Orson
  • Fall to the Ground
  • Good Enough
  • Five Minutes Away (When Punx attack Magicians)
  • Another Day
  • Clean Slate
  • Running Out of Time

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    If Blink-182 sounded this cool then they wouldn't catch so much crap from serious music fans!  Calling Bodyjar punk-pop would be a disservice since that label has become synonymous with the rather bland commercial happy offerings of Sum 41 and Blink-182. Besides, this band has more to offer then choppy powerchords and the same old boring vocal melody. So what do we call it? How about guitar driven power-pop with a small dash of punk influence? Think three healthy doses of The Marvelous 3 mixed 2 parts Szuters and a small pinch of The Descendants.  What sets Bodyjar apart from their contemporaries is their uncompromising melodic hooks powered by rich harmonies and the big sound they create with guitars, bass and drums. Aside from their musical ability, Bodyjar delivers where it really counts; songwriting. "How It Works" delivers 12 potent and unique tracks that each offer the listener a different perspective of the band yet they remain part of a cohesive overall sound. 

    "Not the Same" sets the pace of this CD with a fast moving melody and contagious chorus. "Feed It" changes things up a bit with a nice backbeat and incredible vocal harmonies.  "Ordinary Lives" offers up a great descending vocal melody in the verses accompanied by a stylish guitar lead that compliments the vocals perfectly. The opening of "Make it Up" shows the band's punk influence that is offset by Bodyjar's powerpop musical approach. "No Payback" and "Calling Orson" puts you firmly in the fast lane with their driving rhythms. The rest of the album is equally as potent and addictive.  

    While most guitar driven power-pop groups concentrate more on pop then power, Bodyjar packs plenty of power without losing their melodic focus. You really get the best of both worlds, pure rock power and melodies with hooks that doesn't pull any punches.   

    "How It Works" is easily one of the best power-pop albums to hit this year, a worthy collection of infectious grooves that will have your body involuntarily moving to the rhythm and have you singing along without even realizing it.  

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