Aqua Velvets Radio Waves 
Review by Keavin

Aqua Velvets Radio Waves
Label: Milan Records

1. Intro KFJC 
2. Swampabilly Hop 
3. Bravado 
4. Diamond Head 
5. Spanish Blue 
6. Gringo 
7. Martini Time 
8. Green Sunshine 
9. Surfmania 
10. Hawaiian Blue 
11. Blue Rhumba 
12. Beauty and the Beach 
13. Intro KPFA 
14. Mexican Rooftop Afternoon 
15. Guitar Noir 
16. Subterranea 
17. Surf Nouveau
18. Holly Tiki 
19. Nomad 
20. Nervous on Neptune 
21. Walk Don't Run 
22. Apache 
23. Pipeline/Auld Lang Syne 
24. Smells Like Teen Spirit 
25. Baja 
26. Spanish Blue 
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I was born quite a few years before the heyday of surf music so maybe I am not the best person to review a collection of surf songs but I'll give it my best shot. 

Radio Waves is a compilation of live broadcast recordings of the Aqua Velvets containing a large collection of their previously released recordings as well as a few past surf rock hits and let us not forget an amazing surf music take on the Nirvana classic "Smells like Teen Spirit". 

The recordings here were taken from two radio shows; Phil Dirt show on KFJC in Los Altos Hills. A radio veteran of 20 years, surf music enthusiast considers Dirt the "surf music kahuna" and his radio show is simulcast worldwide.   The second half of the CD is taken from broadcast of KPFR in Berkeley, Ca. 

I'm always open to new forms of music but I really didn't expect to enjoy this CD as much as I did. The musicianship is world class and while the surf rock guitar style is no longer in vogue it is nonetheless impressive to hear. For surf music fans this is an ecential addition to your collection and for those who want to delve into another world of music this is a great primer for the surf music genre. Even for someone like myself whose previous exposure to this genre was limited, I found this CD a really cool intro to the style. 

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