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EVERY Dirty Little Secret, eh?

{Begin Transmission}:

"Just when I thought I was out. They pull me back in."

Godfather 3 was entirely forgettable other than this classic (and often quoted) line. I mean, come on...couldn't they have just left it where it was? With Micheal Corleone just sitting in that chair as the death of winter blew all around him as he contemplated his brother being dead (thanks to a hit that HE ordered)? Couldn't we have just left it there?? It was nothing short of the perfect way to end the (damn near) perfect series of movies. 
But...no....Copolla had to get greedy and GO BACK TO THE WELL. In this case; it was a bad decision.

Ok ok...the point of this isn't to rant about the Godfather trilogy (all though I very easily could), the point of this is to discuss what has been my FAVORITE subject to bitch about here at antiMUSIC; Courtney Love.

Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with my flat out HATRED for Coutrney, let me give you a quick background. If you go back and read my past rants you will notice 
A)a few rants directed entirely in the direction of the former Mrs. Cobain
B)numerous half-assed cheap shots also directed at ol Courtney.

Today comes the news, via the always good Day In Rock, that Courtney has received a rumored $540,000 dollar advance to write her autobiography. An autobiography that Love herself has said will contain "every dirty little secret". Oh really now? EVERY "dirty little secret?"

Now, my interest is high.

Could it be? Is it possible?? Will we FINALLY get the TRUTH??

What truth is that you ask? Jesus..where do we begin.

Maybe we'll get the truth about how she flat out USED her marriage to Kurt as nothing more than an outlet to more (and better) drugs. Or, better yet, maybe she'll fill us in and give us all the juicy details about how she used her marriage to Kurt set up her own singing (and later; acting) career? Or maybe she'll tell us all about how she constantly hid behind the "I was married to Kurt, you weren't! He's not here now but I'll tell ya he HATED you!" wall that she threw up in front of Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic to prevent them from treating their own FANS to something they'd been flat out begging for since 1994 (the boxset of course)?? Or, maybe, she'll explain the logic behind demanding to release a single disc greatest hits disc that, outside of one song ("You Know You're Right") ANY self-respecting Nirvana fan would have no reason to buy other than to keep their Nirvana collections complete??

Hrmm?? How bout that Courtney?? Are we going to get some answers to THOSE questions??

Oh, I guess of course it's too much to ask for her to finally admit to her role in the MURDER of her husband.

(did you honestly think I'd write this without digging into that one?? If you did...well...you don't know Dr Fever to well do you?!)

Listen, I don't ask for much in this life. In fact, one of the things in this life I've wanted I FINALLY got (the Boxset. duhh!) But, look, I want to know the truth. I want to know the answers to things like how the hell Kurt could be loaded with enough Heroin that an elephant would keel over yet he was able to calmly blow his own face off with a shotgun...THEN gather up the rifle (which would have kicked halfway across the room thanks to the recoil) and lay it neatly across his chest before died. All of this with A)the 
previously mentioned stupid amount of heroin in his system AND B)HALF HIS f***ING FACE MISSING!!!

Or, better yet..maybe she'll explain to us how her husband with the lethal amount of heroin in his system and half his face missing was able to lock the door from OUTSIDE.

And maybe, just maybe, she'll be able to explain how when dusted for finger prints… the rifle that Kurt had used to "kill himself" didn't have ONE SINGLE useable finger print on it. NOT EVEN KURT'S!! I guess somewhere between shooting himself in the face and dying Kurt not only managed to crawl across the room and collect the rifle to lay on his chest but also stopped to WIPE ALL THE PRINTS OFF OF IT! Guess he didn't want the cops to be able to identify him as the shooter because of finger prints.

See a pattern here yet, folks??

Listen...even if you're one of the people that truly believe Kurt killed himself you've got to admit there are more than a FEW questions that have been left unanswered for the last 10 (going on 11) years. And there are, as far as I can tell, TWO people who can answer those questions definitively. One is currently playing in the Great Jam Band In The Sky (he's the one with the Jagstang and the feedback) and the other is Courtney Love. And, unless Courtney takes this opportunity chances are we'll never know.

So, come on Courtney..do us all a favor and come clean. Personally, I'm tired of wondering and, damn it, I just want to know.

But, honestly folks....Courtney Love will win an Academy Award and a Grammy in the same year before she ever steps up to the plate and gives us the answers we need...no...the answers we DESERVE!

Damn..and I thought my fire had gone out. Guess not.

{End Transmission}

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