Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting Bon Jovi

(antiMusic) Jon Bon Jovi is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live on Saturday, October 13th, 2007 according to BW&BK. Musical entertainment that night will be provided by the Foo Fighters.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC (normally broadcasting commercials) at 11:30 PM (10:30 CT). If you can't figure out which night it's on, it's time to grab some razorblades, listen to a My Chemical Romance album and commit emocide.

(For the lawyers reading this and total morons that might take it seriously: the emocide thing was a joke and while MCR may make any rational person wish to off themselves to make it stop (or force the so called singer to take some allergy meds), we do not advocate the taking of your own life but we do ask you to please not procreate for the overall good of society).

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