Rock Stars Ask For Some Stupid Crap

(antiMusic) Rock Stars Ask For Some Stupid Crap. If you've ever seen a leaked tour rider, then you know this is true. But one band took that concept and had a bit of fun with promoters with a rider that is riddled with humorous requests and statements like mandating that fat roadies eat first so they can start their arduous 70 to 90 minute work day and also advising that they wouldn't take any Dio leftovers.

That's just part of the humor found in the Foo Fighters tour rider, which The Smoking Gun leaked last week. In the rider we learn that on most days Rolling Stone, Spin and People are strictly verboten because they want promoters to show that they have a brain and fantastic interests. They also demand 75 pounds of ice and advise that "if you have McDonalds, Best Buy and porno, then you gotta have ice." They even offer a handy recipe for making ice. As if that was enough, they tell promoters to feel free to shoplift some cool Ikea furniture for the dressing room.

According to TSG's intro, the Foo Fighters rider "was written by Gus Brandt, the band's 39-year-old tour manager. Noting that many riders can be 'long and boring,' Brandt told TSG that he injected humor into the document, since he has to make the rider 'interesting to the woman in Oklahoma City who has to go out and get the hummus.' Caterers say they love the rider, Brandt said, adding, 'that let's me know they are reading it.' And any extra good will resulting from the rider can only benefit the band, said Brandt, since there is 'no mystique' backstage, where drab locker rooms often 'smell like feet and balls.'" - Read the rider in full, it's a long read but worth the effort is you have a sense of humor

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