Singled Out: Renegade Foxxx

Today Renegade Foxxx tells us the great back story for the new single "Let's Go". Here is the story:

OK! So to start off, I have to let you know my single "LETS GO" was very, very rushed. Every morning for years, I talk on the phone and joke around with my good friend Mike Cameron. Mike's the kind of guy who always has great ideas, and this one particular morning he said to me, "why don't you do a song with DeadMau5?" Me being me, I went back and said why don't I get a cockroach head and come out with a record lol?

I told Mike I'd think about it….but the thing is with Mike, he has great ideas…but they always cost me A LOT OF MONEY! Just like at the Grammys this year, we did this crazy stunt, most of which was his idea, but it cost me about $84K. Mike just said "COME ON WHO WOULDN'T WANT FIVE JETS WRITING YOUR NAME IN THE SKY OVER THE GRAMMYS??" Next thing I knew I was sold. Anyways, Ultra Fest was coming up and Mike was staying on me about the DeadMau5 record. Let it be clear, Mike is an incredible house music producer and coming back from the Grammys I was on the plane with Kelsey Grammer. Me and him were chatting through most of the flight…for the record, Kelsey is mad cool and the guy is blacker than me! He told me this story about how his grandmother or someone like that could always spot him as a kid playing basketball because all the other kids were black lol. So big shout out to my negro friend Kelsey! So we start talking about work and I mention that I have a track out called "Way Down" and I'm thinking about getting DeadMau5 on a record. So now my brain is moving because Kelsey Grammer knows who DeadMau5 is!! Like I said before, Mike's ideas are great but expensive. Like when I said I wanted a publicist he said hire Susan Blond, Inc. I was like I need to get Susan Afro or Susan Weave cause I KNOW if Mike says Susan Blond it's gonna be expensive lol. But if you want the best you must pay for the best.

Back to business, so Ultra Fest is coming up (only a few weeks away) and I needed a record that fit the crowd but it would be impossible to do a record with DeadMau5 that fast, so I knew I'd have to create something myself. I was in the Hit Factory vibing with some of my crew and Bobby Hustle (completely crazy but a genius) who is a great A&R guy (don't tell him that though) and we're recording this track, which is coming out hypnotic. This beat is ridiculous. I don't get high or do drugs and I rarely even drink, but that day I was bonkers off Patron and the music was coming like you would not believe. So I flew Ray Seay, who is a great mixer and engineer, in from Atlanta and reserved the same room for the next day. I didn't want anyone touching anything. I didn't want the board touched so Ray could mix what I'd done the night before. That's how hot this record was. Normally, you have a rough version of a record, lay down vocals and then mix…but Ray laid the stink on it, like the second verse where the beat becomes very slow and wavy, Ray put that in the mix…it was SO HOT. After all was said and done, the next day I start drinking Patron again (I didn't want to lose the luck I had lol) and I lay down my vocals drunk off my ass and it was sounding GOOD.

When all was done, I rushed the files over to Dave Kutch, the best mastering guy in the business and I knew he was swamped but I told him I needed the track ASAP and Dave like the good friend he just funked it up and sent it back. Then I hit DJ Griot at 99 JAMZ with it and he blessed it. Next Ben Willis of Indie Pop said LETS RUN WITH THIS RECORD!! Now we're getting ready to do the film the video and I'm doing a contest for the kids. Whoever creates the most entertaining video gets $20k from me.

I believe this single will be very memorable, will keep the kids bouncing in the club , gets you moving in the gym, thumping and cars. So thank you Mike! It didn't cost that much….actually it did, but well worth it….LETS GO!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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