Michael Jackson Speaks Out Again: “They're liars”

07-10-02 antiGUY
A few days after calling his record label “racist,” during black activist Al Sharpton's Music Industry Initiative summit, Michael Jackson had more to say on the subject of racism in the music industry and press. 

Speaking once again at the conference yesterday (July 9th) Jackson said, "I'm tired of the manipulation, "The press has manipulated the truth. They're liars. History books are a lie. You need to know this, you must know this, that all forms of popular music, from jazz to rock to hip-hop, and dance, from the jitterbug to the Charleston, are black. But go down to the corner bookstore, and you won't see one black person on a cover.  You'll see Elvis Presley. You'll see the Rolling Stones. But where are the real pioneers?"  (Jackson obviously doesn't tune into MTV much these days)

"Once I started breaking sales records - I broke Elvis Presley's record, I broke The Beatles' record — once I started doing that, overnight, they called me a freak, a 
homosexual, a child molester,” said an irritated Jackson during his speech. ”They said I bleached my skin. They did everything they could to turn the public against me. It's a conspiracy.”  

During his presentation Rev. Sharpton and controversial attorney Johnnie Cochran joined Jackson on the stage. 

Addressing the issue his current skin pigmentation that critics have honed in Jackson said, “ I know my race. I look in the mirror, and I know that I'm black."
The root of the problem seems to be that Jackson feels his record label hasn’t promoted his most recent music releases properly. Jackson attributes his lack of sales success to racism, while critics say that it’s the quality of the music that has kept the fans from paying attention to Jackson’s more recent musical efforts. 

What ever the reason may be Jackson seems to have his mind set and it appears that he may continue on his current crusade. 

Read a guest editorial on this controversy written by Red Star Records founder and President Marty Thau who has a current dispute with Sony Music that has some race related issues.