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antiGuy's Top 5
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antiGUY gives his top 5 list of music stuff. Could be songs, people, a stupid trend... nothing is sacred to antiGUY

This Months Top 5
I am not a big fan of cover tunes. Very few artist can pull it off convincingly and more often than not they end up butchering the original song. There have been exceptions, Faith No More's remake of "Easy" was cool, as well as the Spinners cover of the Four Seasons classic "Working my way back to you."  This time around we look at my list of the worst remakes in the history of rock. I am sure you all can come up with a different list, so I encourage you to post yours below. I know some of you won't agree with my picks. What can I say its a matter of taste. I simply can't listen to cheap imitations of the originals. 

Top 5 worst song remakes.

5. Tina Turner's remake of "Missing you". I wasn't a big fan of the original song but this remake was unlistenable. Tina is usually great, but she must have been having a bad day when she recorded this.

4. NOFX's remake of Vincent. It was a nice try but like our number one song, Don Mclean is not someone you should cover. It's close to heresy.

3. Limp Bizkit's remake of "Faith". The original was pretty lame, the Limp Bizkit version brings lame to a whole new level.

2.  Mariah Carey's remake of "Open Arms". I'm sure we could fill an entire list with this women's butchering of songs, but this one was her worst attempt to date. 

And the number one worst song remake.

Madonna's remake of "American Pie" you just can't take a classic like that and make it a disco song. It is the worst! 

tella friend about this article

Your turn, what do you think? This is your chance, Bizkit heads to bash me and tell me how "Faith" ruled etc. You won't change my mind but if you feel need to bash me go right ahead. 

They call you 
What do you think?:

Fan Speak:

Posted by Bruce:
What do you think about this remake:

Leaving On a Jet Plane
original by John Denver
remake by Dr. BLT

Posted by Polyman:

Posted by Polyman:

Posted by Polyman:

Posted by Polyman:

Posted by Polyman:

Posted by Polyman:

Posted by Polyman:

Posted by gazz :
your ****ing site sucks ... whats amatter with you ? .... ****ing weirdos ...

Posted by r77:
I don't know who remade Mr. Mister's "Broken Wings" and The Car's "Drive but they should be pulled out on the street and shot. Oh yeah, Limp Bizkit does suck.

Posted by Nate:
Mariah's version of Open Arms RULES! I understand if you don't like Mariah, but it's still a pretty song... doesn't really matter WHO sings it... and an artist with 17 number ones (outweighing even the BEATLES)... you can't say she butchered it. She obviously has something people like... and so does that song. The two together can't go wrong. You're probably an old-fashioned rocker that has no respect for newer styles...

Posted by Nate:
Mariah's version of Open Arms RULES! I understand if you don't like Mariah, but it's still a pretty song... doesn't really matter WHO sings it... and an artist with 17 number ones (outweighing even the BEETLES)... you can't say she butchered it. She obviously has something people like... and so does that song. The two together can't go wrong. You're probably an old-fashioned rocker that has no respect for newer styles...

Posted by rainingcrow:
what the sad part is that the generations now are hearing less than good versions of terrific songs in some cases like limp bizkits version of behind blue eyes by the step daughters dont even know what the original sounds like.and thanks to sampling and other things of that nature there is an entire group of people who thing that the song afro man is original and havent ever heard the absolutely awsome song that was used as a base for it (iron man/by black sabbath) and to top things off there are people in my own generation that have never heard american pie done by anyone but madonna ...and thats sad....they should teach music history in school more often

Posted by someone:
I think this list can go alot longer than it is.

Posted by deisle:
limp bizket made it up wit behind ble eyes. that remix is rawer than a bi

Posted by EggMyGooch:
Iron Maiden made a song called "Remember Tommorow."...Anthrax covered it and it was the absolute worst piece of crap I have ever heard in my life. A couples years later, Opeth redid it. The Opeth version is so freaking good I consier it to be as good if not better than the original. It's definatly worth listening to unless your some kind of turkey or goose.

Posted by Lensman:
There may be a few worse, but way up on the listmust be "Take My Breath Away" by Jessica Simpson. It's painful to listen to such a limp, whitebread version of one of the best female power ballads ever recorded. After that... every rap song ever recorded twice.

Posted by rexxy:
some of the worst remakes would have to be hilary duff and her sister singing the gogos our lips are sealed. And i also dispise every rapper that has used another song aka a rock song and changed the words and keep the beat etc. Thats sick

Posted by t:
forgot one, how about vanilla ice's "rock" remake of his own song, Zig Zag. that's blasphemous suck piled on top of blasphemous suck.

Posted by t:
shania twaine's version of You Shook Me All Night Long was really bad, but celine dion's made me want to jump in front of a train. and mariah carey has to have the longest list of horrible remakes in the history of music

Posted by Rockstar:
Shania Twaine doing You Shook Me All Night Long and Shakira doing Back In Black. AC/DC should be left alone.

Posted by old man:
S. Crow's cover of Cat Stevens "First Cut ..." really stinks. There should be a law against it (bad covers).

Posted by Manny:
Limp Bizkit's remake of "behind blue eyes" was the worst ever. You cant mess up a good song like that..

Posted by jody:
kelly osbourne's remake of papa don't preach...good god, what was sharon thinking???

Posted by THAT GUY:
Well, i'm not gonna comment on other people's opinions, i mean they have 'em, what are you gonna do. But my opinion is, covers are cool. Alot of times it brings songs back to life (some of them are worse than the originals though). But my favorites are.. Ben Harper who covered voodoo child by jimi hendrix, not once but twice with an acoustic guitar and electric. I've heard alot of hendrix's little wing covers and they are all good, because that's the best song ever. Pearl Jam has done so freaking many covers, 99% of them are better than the originals (masters of war by bob dylan, trouble by cat stevens, and of course the beatles cover hide your love away, and many more). Personally, i like any cover of any Jimi hendrix song because he's unfortunately dead, and that way i can always here a hendrix-style song and it sounds newer. There's many others, but i don't really want to type anymore.

Posted by trev:
White stripes just don't know what to do with myself originally by burt bacharach and white stripes death letter originally by son house

Posted by snatch:
one song i forgot to mention in my last post was the pennywise cover of mrs. robinson

Posted by snatch:
the remake sid did of My Way i thought was pretty awesome. another good cover is dropkick murphys cover of halloween by the misfits

Posted by mother funker:
avril lavine also did a cover of momma i'm comin' home. now, if you'll excuse me, i have to go blow my god damn head off.

Posted by mellow yellow:
i think that avril levine is the world biggest funkin douche bag. i would gladly stab her in the face if i were to be presented with the chance. she is yet another reason to "blame canada".

Posted by Pest 420:
What was the name of the song Iron Madien did that Craddle of filth redid

Posted by The Dude:
i think that sublimes cover of scarlet begonias is one of the best covers of all time except for the part were brad kind of goes off with all the drugs. and if anyone can get the drum tabs for this song Email Me at

Posted by Michelley:
The new remake of Boys of Summer by the Ataries is so very full of awesomeness!

Posted by chris:
most covers do suck except: Stepping Stone by Minor Threat My Way by Sid Vicious any 50s/60s cover by the RAMONES (Let's Dance, etc)

Posted by Penis!:
I suck MOOEY!

Posted by Noah:
How about Avril Levine's cover of Chop Suey? That pretty much tops out any sh!tty cover.

Posted by Druid:
Smashing Pumpkins acoustic version of Limelight. puke.

Posted by EmeraldChaos:
Has anyone heard the Hurt and BLack Hole Sun remake Johnny Cash did? It is the strangest thing to me. I was to baffled to decide whether they were good or bad lol

Posted by The Avril Hater:
Avril Lavigne is going to do a cover version of a Bob Dylan song. That is going to be the worst cover song ever!

Posted by gAmAarU:
i hated what AllSaints did to "Under the bridge".They killed that beautiful song!

Posted by Shayn:
Iron Butterfly? Greatest band ever?

Posted by Layne Staley's ghost:
If ANY group tries to make a remake of any Alice In Chains song I will personally show up at their homes and inject 500cc of heroin into their asses.

Posted by snorman:
the dude from staind's remake of "Black" by Pearl Jam he had no emotion to his voice no bass no solo no lead just the two chord verse and the three chord chorus and if i remember correctly i believe he left out the simple lick that begins the chorus and ends the bridge and his version sucked miserably

Posted by Doug :
GEORGE MICHAEL RULES!!!! Limp Bizkit had no right, right at all...

Posted by sweet sweet anti social:
as far as tori amos goes, well i dont know much of her stuff but even being an absolute be-all-to-end-all lover of NIRVANA i wouldnt say she wrecked teen spirit. it was so totally different it cant really be compared. Sure it didnt have the same energy but shes gotta be half decent as she made an eminem song half bearable.

Posted by John:
Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida is the greatest rock song ever written.Who the hell is Slayer to think they can even attempt to do justice to the greatest song and the greatest group of all time?

Posted by peach:
I think the remake of vincent by Nofx is the best... I think u should keep ur retarded opinions to ur self

Posted by They call him Juancho:
I dunno about any bad covers yet, but some of my all time favorites gotsta be uptowngirl- weezer, somewhere over the rainbow - newfound glory, and gin and juice by sublime, or was it NFG, i dunno. But go check 'em out. RIGHT NOW. DO IT.

Posted by Johnny Hustle:
I'm not sure if its actually Weezer, but there is a sweet cover of Billy Joel's Uptown Girl to be found online, listed as by Weezer. Just thought u might like 2 know!

Posted by boddah:
what do u think about nirvana's cover of the man who sold the world? i think it was awesome but i dont have my website up yet.

Posted by undead lord :
could some cradle of filth fans who live new zealand were can u get cradle t-stirt off email please thanx buy the way cradle of fith is no1

Posted by mandi:
i think your wrong about limop. and right about madonna

Posted by Princess:
I think that anyone who spends their time being negative about music has NO life! I am a die hard limp bizkit fan...yea you have your opinions and yea i got mine but comeone stop being so pesamistic and find sumthin you do actually like...instead of dissing people who go out their just so you could have music to listen to...if u dis everything soon there will be nothing to dis

Posted by Greb:
Well, for the BEST cover, it would be either Nevermore's cover or 'Sound Of Silence' (Simon & Garfunkle) or Black Label Society and Slash's cover of 'Voodoo Child' (Jimi Hendrix). Those were GOOD covers...

Posted by DieSherylDie!:
I can't believe Sheryl Crow's remake of "Sweet Child 'o Mine" didn't make the list! That's got to be the absolute most unoriginal and most piss-the-real-fans-off remake in rock and roll history!!

Posted by extra:
I agree with all of the songs except Vincent by NoFX...I think that not only being a great cover, it is one of the best songs of all time.

Posted by at home:
I think the Limp Bizkit version is better, but still sucks.Its only because George Michael sucks so bad. I hate Limp Bizkit otherwise

Posted by BedSplurst:
I am Bed Splurst, Fred Durst's brother. I must say, my bro sucks. No, I mean that litterally.... TRUST ME. I KNOW. Um, anyway, the song "Faith" was pretty neato frito. The worst remake eer was definitely "Ray of Light" by the Deftones. Right? RIGHT! (May or may not be Fred Durst's Real brother. Not responsible for actions taken in response to this message.)

Posted by jebbies:
Fred durst is considering covering the Fugazi classic 'waiting room'.. WHAT THE HELL? Somebody please tell him not to.

Posted by afi rocks 2:
the ramones KKK took my baby away. the best cover ever is KKK Took My Baby Away by MXPX,ramones

Posted by agent r:
smells like teen spirit covered by tori amos

Posted by iamsocool:
Moist Vagina covered by Sonic Youth

Posted by Captain Shamrock:
I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that would give a huge list of songs that have been remade over the years. I am a school teacher and I am doing the history of rock and roll and this is part of the unit. I know a bunch myself but I want to have the kids(Grade 7s) research it. Thanks.

Posted by Camatic in chicago:
Starlight, Starbright, by Joni Mitchel, redone by The Outlaws. Please!

Posted by Amanda:
I pretty much agree with the list...but i have to say that most if not all punk/ska/emo remakes are great. Reel Big Fish's version of take on me is great, A New Found Glory's whole cd of remakes is awesome and i like the nofx song.

Posted by SatconCCook:
I tell ya one thing, everybody is entilted to there opinion and I could care less who ya hate or like, but I found what I came for and all the responses helped. I was looking for a list of remakes and out of reading all the responses, I don't know if I can find any more. I haven't seen one mentioned Easy E's-Boyz in the Hood done by Dynamite Hack. Total turn of beat.

Agree with all your takes; except for Mariah Carey. Worst remake ever: There was a new Dance Version of the awful 80's song "Total Eclipse of the Heart". The song was unbearable to begin with, to remake that sh*t is unthinkable.

Bah, don't want to bash you but I liked the song. You got your opinions, I got mine and I don't think anybody should scream at you for that. I agree for every other songs you talked about.

I think one of the best cover songs ever is "Boys of summer", remade by codeseven. Codeseven is one of the best true hard-core bands ever, and their remake kicks ass. I have to disagree with your opinion of NOFX's cover of Vincent. I've never heard the original, but i love NOFX's version.

Mr.Know It all
"Primus S_cks!"

Faith No More had an awesome cover of War Pigs by Black Sabbath on their album The Real Thing. American Pie -- I'm sorry, but that was a bad song to begin with. Sure, the Madonna cover was pretty lame, but don't criticize covers of songs that were bad to begin with (and as close as that song is to some people's hearts, I'm sorry, it was a one hit wonder with no real substance). Now Faith by George Michael? Come on. I mean, yes, the fact that a band like Limp Bizkit exploded because of a song like that kind of says something about them (temporary pop stars who will soon be ridiculed like hair bands of the 80s) -- but the original was just as bad. Lenny Kravitz's American Woman was a joke -- especially the whole Tommy Hilfiger promotional thing. Best cover of all time: Joe C_cker's (this is ridiculous) A Little Help from my friends. No one has ever made a Beatles song into a classic like that. For those of who who care about real crossover bands and are tired of all these Limp Bizkit and Korn duplicates (although Korn actually rocks), Rage Against the Machine just released an awesome album of covers that sound nothing like the originals. In recent history, that's some of the best cover material I've heard. The Name of the Album is renegades. P.S. To the narrow minded death metal heads who say that rap is not real music -- you guys like bands like Slayer who take cheesy death riffs and add a double bass drum beat with a redneck screaming about "the darkness." Way to go you guys -- I think you've been tricked by the insane amount of alcohol in your blood into thinking that's real music -- it's all garbage. Gangsta rap may be bad, but real hip-hop is innovative and intelligent. I'm sorry you guys, but you're very lost and confused.

Dj Baboon
Yes yes.. Limp Bizkit is good.. i can't say "su_k" for every reason said here.. and every reasons they "rule".. is false.. im sorry teeny boppers.. they su_k.

i dunno

i think that remakes are cool if theyre good in that nativity in black cd...its a bunch of new bands doing old black sabbath songs, and theyre doing a pretty kickass job at it.but when people remake songs like marilin manson doing sweet dreams,its dumb because all he did was deepen his voice, and add a heavy guitar, he didnt speed it up at all.....he suxx

I think that I agree w/ you 100%! IT TOTALY SUCKED

One of the best cover's ever is the Cradle of Filth cover on Iron Maiden's "Hallowed be thy name"

As far as dreadful remakes go, it's impossible to go past, or forgive, what Joan Baez did to the Band's classic "The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down". Remakes can be all right, but this one is an argument for the death peanalty. I hope I'm not giving away my age (45) talking about these things.

Hey! Hands off nofx. I ain't heard the original of Vincent but nofx's version is a damn good song... sure, this is personal taste... but I'm sure there are heaps out there who'll agree with me.... right???

hyper stoned guy
I think most covers BLOW but i think Scarlet Begonias done by Sublime was actaully a good one. and yes Faith sucked ass and so does Limp Bizkit

madonna's way to old to be making music any way. I agree on the degree of crap her remake portraied 

remakes of songs suck. i think if you cant make up your own song them dont steal other peoples songs. i'm not a big fan of metallica but when they remade the dylan song it sickened me. Cannibal Corpse did a good job remaking ozzys "zero the Hero" it went from metal to death metal. it was a good adjust to the song but they didnt jew it up like metallica. thats all i have to say

Mr Skanky
Here's some good covers from New Zealand bands you've probably never heard: Super Trouper by the Headless Chickens. Summer Love by Head Like A Hole & I'm on Fire by Head Like a Hole. I heard Moby (in concert) do an excellent cover of "Close to You" by the Carpenters (just cause someone at the front of the crowd requested it - he totally massacred it in the most stylish way.)

I think you dont have enough negative things to say, so you lie, and say how much you hate remakes, a lot of songs deserve to be remade, and as long as a group doesnt do too many remakes, it is ok. limp bizkit's version of faith was much improved over george micheal's, i dont see how that can be denied

One of the best cover songs is KMFDM's Material girl. It is awesome!

All you haters suck!!!

manson did a great cover of sweet dream or out of your mind

they call me remo
some of my favs, based on my metal bent. faith no more: 'easy', right on. sepultura, 'the hunt'. hendix redefined 'watchtower'. les claypool gives a whole new 'master of puppets', and for the requisite maiden/sabbath songs: naglfar, 'the evil that men do'; sepultura, 'symptom of the universe'. worst. i laugh out loud when i hear the name puffy. we won't speak of the puny red hat abomination. metallica butchered 'astronomy'. papa roach should at least call the iron maiden songs by their original names. & even madonna knows she slaughtered mclean. 


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