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Report for 07/07/06
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Ozzy House Fire
antiMusic reports: A faulty lamp sparked a fire at the Osbourne mansion in the countryside outside of London on Thursday morning according to reports. 

None of the family members were present when the fire broke out, however a member of the household staff was treated for smoke inhalation. 

The damage was relatively minor, only causing some fire damage and smoke damage to the mansion's entrance hallway, according to Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue service spokesman Fraser Pearson. [more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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System of a Breakdown
Blabbermouth reports: Launch Radio Networks reports: Despite repeated assurances that their forthcoming "hiatus" is not a break-up, SYSTEM OF A DOWN reportedly acted like a band on the brink at the opening day of this summer's Ozzfest last Thursday (June 29) in Auburn, Washington, about 30 miles from Seattle. According to MTV.com, the members of SYSTEM arrived at the venue in separate tour buses. Guitarist Daron Malakian "seemed to be struggling to keep up with the rest of the band" and improvised lyrics during the first few songs of their performance. During the song "Lonely Day", while looking at vocalist Serj Tankian, Malakian crooned, "Such a lonely day, hanging out with the band/ This motherf***er, I can't stand."

A source at SYSTEM's record label told Launch not to read all that much into last Thursday's events, adding that the members have traveled on separate buses for a while now.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Sick Idol
Wenn reports: AMERICAN IDOL runner-up KATHARINE McPHEE has been forced to miss the first two performances on the 51-city AMERICAN IDOLS TOUR, after developing severe bronchitis and laryngitis. McPhee's doctor SEAN NASSARI has ordered the 22-year-old to be on "total voice rest".

In a statement, McPhee says, "I'm disappointed and I am sorry to disappoint fans.

"I need to follow my doctor's orders to recuperate and reunite with the rest of the Idols." [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Interpol 07
Gigwise reports: Interpol have broken their silence and revealed that they are hard at work on their third album.

The New Yorkers have been working on the record since the beginning of 2006 and plan a release sometime in 2007.

Writing on their official website they announced: "We're hard at work on the writing of album three. We've been at it for six months - in case you heard we were on hiatus. We're all very excited about it and think that you will be too. Having yet to record, we can only say that Release will come sometime next year." [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Creemed Again?
MTV reports: Legendary rock and roll magazine Creem is gearing up for its latest revival. The Web site for the 1970s magazine, home to early rock-writing icons such as Lester Bangs, currently has its return pegged for this week, but as of Thursday there was no content on the site. According to the Detroit Metro Times, the famously irreverent magazine is set to relaunch as an online 'zine with eventual plans to rev up the print edition as well. [didn't they try this a few years back? see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 


Farm Aid 06
AP reports: The seeds of Farm Aid were planted here in 1985 when Bob Dylan, performing in the Live Aid benefit for Africa, said something should be done to help American farmers. Twenty-one years later, Farm Aid is returning to the region to hold its 19th fundraising concert on Sept. 30 at the Tweeter Center in Camden, N.J.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 


White Zombies Reunite
Blabbermouth reports: Original WHITE ZOMBIE members Tom Five (guitar) and Ivan de Prume (drums) have teamed up to perform with HEALER on the San Diego stop of the Vans Warped Tour. The concert will take place today (July 6) at the Coors Ampitheatre.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Zippo Roach
TuneLab reports: Look for Papa Roach to headline the 2006 Zippo Hot Tour in November. The band will release their fourth studio album 'The Paramour Sessions' on September 12th.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Evanescence Tracks
TuneLab reports: Track listing for Evanescence's sophomore album 'The Open Door' has been revealed. The disc will hit stores on October 3rd and will include the following tracks: 

1. "Sweet Sacrifice" * 2. "Call Me When You're Sober" * 3. "Weight Of The World" * 4. "Lithium" * 5. "Cloud Nine" * 6. "Snow White Queen" * 7. "Lacrymosa" * 8. "Like You" * 9. "Lose Control" * 10. "The Only One" * 11. "Your Star" * 12. "All That I'm Living For" * 13. "Good Enough" [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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City Sleeps in Sept
TuneLab reports: City Sleeps have finally confirmed the release date for their new album, 'Hotel'. The disc will hit stores on September 12th with a supporting tour set to begin July 15th in Atlanta, GA. Confirmed dates are as follows:

July 15th in Atlanta, GA @ Velvet Underground
July 17th in Orlando, FL @ Will's Pub
July 20th in Baton Rouge, LA @ The Caterie[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Testament's Medical Exodus
KNAC reports: San Francisco Bay area thrashers Testament have posted the following message at their official website: 

"Due to medical reasons, Testament drummer Louie Clemente will be unable to perform with the band on the upcoming shows scheduled in the United States, Europe, and South Korea. Veteran drummer and good friend Paul Bostaph (Exodus, ex-Slayer) will be filling in for Louie on the upcoming dates scheduled in July and August." [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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punkbands reports: Josh Homme has revealed that Queens Of The Stone Age have started work on their new album. The singer, currently working with his other band Eagles Of Death Metal, told NME.com Queens are currently writing new material in the studio, but refused to divulge the line-up of the band. He said: "That's not a healthy question. You'll ruin the surprise. We've gotta keep our cool." 

Last March, Chris Goss has told in an interview with Modern Guitars Magazine that he is going to team up with Homme to begin work on Queens of the Stone Age's follow-up to 2005's "Lullabies to Paralyze".[see full story for more including who the expected bassist will be]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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From First to Last DeWarped
punkbands reports: From First to Last made an announcement on their site saying they had to drop off Warped Tour due to Sonny's vocals issues. A Warped Tour official announced that From First To Last didnt drop off, but they were kicked off; due to the bands lack of respect and "rockstar, primadona attitudes". 

Apparently, they were complaining about not playing mainstage and on several dates announced how poorly run Warped Tour is. This didnt make the people who ran Warped Tour happy, so From First To Last was warned that if they kept it up they would be asked to leave the tour. The next day the band said some stuff on stage taking s*** on the bands that are playing main stage and saying they should be on there. Soon after the production team from Warped Tour then asked from first to last to leave the tour (Absolutepunk). - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Viva Las CBGB
MTV reports: The owner and operator of New York's legendary CBGB club says by mid-October, the last drinks will have been poured and the last unsigned band will have taken the stage inside the punk-rock landmark. In compliance with an agreement Kristal reached with the club's landlord last December, CBGB will no longer exist on the Bowery.

Still, Kristal says he's not about to let the mythical club go the way of the dodo. "We want to take a lot of this stuff with us, and I think we're going to move to Las Vegas," Kristal said...[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 


In Aeternum, Rotting Christ Tour
SMN reports: Swedish black/thrash metallers IN AETERNUM will be teaming up with Greek black metallers ROTTING CHRIST for a co-headlining US tour starting on November 16th on the east coast and ending December 3rd.[see full story for support info]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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