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Zao Vs Dentist
antiMusic reports: [from Zao's Myspace blog] Due to a scheduling conflict within the band, we will not be on the Hawthorne Heights/Story of The Year tour after all. We're not going to point fingers, but someone has to get wisdom teeth taken out and didn't allow for the recovery time (so as to avoid dry sockets/infection) that is needed before they can scream. It was either cancel THESE 5 dates, or cancel the entire tour that was coming right after it (which we will announce VERY soon). We're not going to point fingers here... but let's just say it was Dan. - Click Here for the Full Story 

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From First To Crash
punkbands reports: From First To Last will not be playing the next four days from Warped Tour as Sonny Moore needs to rest his vocals, but will be back on at the Atlanta date. Statement as follows: "Something happened last night. I was down in D.C.-- love it down there. Cannot get enough of that city. Anyway, I was out with my buddy, Representative Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island. We were driving home, and I suggested we play a game of 'I Spy a Concrete Barricade.' Well, Patrick's a fierce competitor and he won."- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Andrew WK X 3
punkbands reports: Andrew WK has posted a significant update on his future plans. Among the news is that Andrew has completed not the two previously announced full lengths only, but three in total. Over the past three years, WK has completed recording for: Close Calls with Brick Walls, Young Lord and The Carrier. 

While no firm release dates are available for the trio of albums, releases spread over 2006 and 2007 are expected with the first hitting on July 12th in Japan via Universal Japan. [see full story for more - and every song has the word 'party' in it!]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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This Is Hardcore
SMN reports: This Is Hardcore 2006 Fest, containing over 30 of the country's up and coming hardcore bands, will take place in Philadelphia, PA, on August 18, 19, and 20th. The Starlight Ballroom has been chosen for the venue of this 3 day festival and the organizers have stated this is "no big money marketing scam, no mall marketing, no pretentious pecking order, just awesome bands at an excellent venue put together by hardcore kids who are active participants in our scene year round." [TERROR, BLACKLISTED, DEATH THREAT are just three of the bands.. see full story for the full list as well as link to tickets!]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Who Would Turn Down a Beatle? Wishbone Ash Did!
antiMusic reports: Not many people would give up the opportunity to record with John Lennon but Wishbone Ash's Ansy Powell did just that. (He did however record with George and Ringo) Powell discusses that as well as touring with Aerosmith back in the day, the brand new Wishbone Ash album 'Clan Destiny' and a lot more in an exclusive new interview with Rock N Roll Universe! Here is an excerpt with Powell discusses the Fab Four experience. 

RNRU : Also during the early 70's, you played on some sessions for George Harrison and Ringo Starr at the Apple studios, and at the time you declined working on John Lennon's 'Imagine' recording sessions. How did those sessions come about, and what do you recall about them?

AP : Well, we were sharing the same road manager at the time, living in London, as were The Beatles. Of course, The Beatles weren't touring at the time, they were doing a lot of recording at Apple. They were signing up artists like James Taylor. It was interesting because we were poor, starving musicians with no money. Our road managers would show up in John Lennon's white Rolls Royce or something. (Laughs) Or George's Pullman Mercedes, and we'd end up going out for a beer. He just happened to mention to us, and we always were dying to hear any news of The Beatles, "George is in the studio at the moment, he's laying down tracks, he's looking for a bunch of acoustic guitar players, do you want to come down?" It was literally like that. You'd go down to Apple, and there was George. He was very low key, very humble. We were the new wave of bands. They had ceased to be, but everybody... The Beatles are rock royalty. They were in those days. It was a great honor to play. The thin gs I worked on, I don't think particularly saw the light of day. They're all sessions that are in the vaults somewhere. There was an Australian artist that they signed up, Ringo was the producer and drummer on that session. With Klaus Voorman, and a couple of other noted players. I did a session with George, and I think Ringo was on that one too, actually. There was a John Lennon session that came up, that Ted Turner took. I, naively, had been rehearsing all day, and I said I was too tired. Which, I regret eternally. That was for the 'Imagine' album. It was recorded in London. Actually, it was down at his house in Surrey. Ted went along and played on that, and he's actually on that album, on the song "Crippled Inside." There's a little bit of Wishbone Ash in there somewhere.

RNRU : Were The Beatles aware of you as a band at that time?

AP : Oh, I'm sure they were. When we went in, speaking to George and Ringo, they were very deferential. I couldn't believe it. It was very nice to be acknowledged, for sure. [see the full story for a lot more including a discussion of the sessions that produced the classic 'Argus' album.]
- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Aerosmith Leftovers
Day in Rock reports: Aerosmith is looking to their songs in the attic to fill out their new studio album, according to Joe Perry. 

"There's some stuff we left off certain records that we've been scratching our heads over why that happened," Perry told Billboard. "There's also bits and pieces of things we haven't got to, and some stuff from (the 2004 blues album) 'Honkin' on Bobo' that never got finished. We want to bring some of the elements of the experimenting we've done on the albums over the last few years and mash that in with that 'Honkin' on Bobo' kind of energy."

They may also go to those outside songwriters again as well, so we have that to look forward to next spring with the album should hit stores. But for now you can catch them this summer on tour with Motley Crue on the Route of All Evil tour. "You still think of them as kids," Perry said of Motley. "But they have gone through all the things bands go through, come back and they have a whole batch of fans who saw them at the first rock show they ever went to. When you turn on classic rock radio now, you have Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and the Stones." [Joe had a lot more to say, so see the full story for the Billboard article. - Even an Aerosmith leftover has to better than the "Hot AC" songwriters. "Dream on" kicks the ass of any of these outside songs.]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Monday Humor: Virgin Duff
Day in Rock reports: Jay Leno quipped last week during his opening monologue, "In the new issue of Elle magazine, Hilary Duff announces she is a virgin. She announced she's a virgin even though she'd been dating a famous musician for two years. Doesn't say who it is, let me tell you something, if you're dating a musician for two years and you're still a virgin, you're dating Clay Aiken." [Besides, some of the more rabid of Clay's female fans would rip Duff apart out of jealousy. Come to think of it, that would make a cool pay-per-view. Someone get those two together!] - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Make a Minor Video
PR reports: Fort Minor is offering the unique possibility make your OWN Where'd You Go video, inspired from Fort Minor's Where'd You Go song and video featuring Holly Brook. Use your creativity, imagination, and superb video skills to produce your video interpretation of Fort Minor's Where'd You Go. Mike Shinoda will select his Top 3 favorite videos, which will be featured on MTV Overdrive during July 24 - July 30 where fans can vote for their favorite video remake. The winning video with the most votes on MTV Overdrive will get the opportunity for an exclusive premiere on MTV Overdrive! The winner will also receive a congratulatory phone call from Mike Shinoda, original hand-drawn art from The Rising Tied, signed baseball cap that Mike wore in the original Where'd You Go video, and a signed video still from the original video. 

Submit your Where'd You Go video remake by Wednesday, July 5th at 11:59pm PST to enter the contest. For details and to enter the contest, go to the full story link.- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Morningwood Injury
PR reports: [Morningwood's] Chantal here. Those of you that read my blog and know me know that I hurt my knee pretty bad while we were touring in Europe last month. It has been hurting quite a bit ever since and more so the past few days. I just got back from the doctor and he has insisted that I take a week off for my dumb knee so I don't permanently f*** it up and am not forced to have surgery. That being said we were forced to make the unfortunate decision to cancel a FEW upcoming shows on our first ever headlining tour. WAHHHHH! I am so super bummed.

So sadly Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Indianapolis will have to do without Morningwood for a little while. We are so upset about it and HATE to cancel things with a passion and would only do so if it were a dire situation. We PROMISE we will make it up to all of you cities 10 fold, and we thank you in advance for understanding.- Click Here for the Full Story 

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King of the Blues
PR reports: Showcasing his musical talents in front of a packed house at the House of Blues Chicago, New Jersey's Matt O'Ree was crowned the nation's best undiscovered blues guitarist at Guitar Center's 2006 Guitarmageddon: King of the Blues grand finals. In addition to the King of the Blues battle between the nation's top seven amateur guitarists, Guitar Center helped kick off the Chicago Blues Festival with a collaborative performance by legendary blues guitarist B.B. King and GRAMMY® award-winning artist John Mayer, who paid tribute to the genre's roots, according to Jack Sonni, vice president of marketing communication for Guitar Center. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Motorhead's Kiss of Death
PR reports: After the successful release of Inferno in 2004, and worldwide tours with the likes of Iron Maiden, Dio and Corrosion of Conformity, Motörhead is prepared to return to the metal fold with Kiss of Death. Coming out August 29th on Sanctuary Records, Kiss of Death does not disappoint.

Kiss of Death was produced by Cameron Webb, who also worked with the group on their last effort. A new Motörhead track, entitled "Kingdom of the Worm", received its world premiere on May 19th during Lemmy's appearance on the "Jonesy's Jukebox" radio show on Indie 103.1 FM.[see full story for tracks]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Jessica's Madonna Rip off?
TMZ reports: Madonna might be more than a little surprised when she hears the title track and first single off of Jessica Simpson's new album "A Public Affair." The single appears to bear a striking resemblance to Madonna's 1983 hit "Holiday." In fact, the songs sound eerily similar.

From the synth-pop beat to the jangly guitars in the beginning, to the eight-note motifs in the verses to the choruses that begin on an A and the use of the same key (B-flat), the two songs are so similar that, in a highly unscientific poll, every person to whom TMZ played "A Public Affair" identified it as "Holiday." Will Jellybean Benitez (who penned the original) be getting royalties for this? 

TMZ called a rep for Madonna, but as of yet our calls have not been returned. As for Jessica, her rep tells TMZ, "It is a fun summer single and comparing to retro Madonna is flattering!" [see the full story to listen and judge for yourself] - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Unwritten Law Producer Hit List
PR reports: In the middle of recording new tracks for their highly anticipated release Hit List, Unwritten Law has stopped recording with Chris Baseford and are completing the record with Sean Beaven. Sean had previously worked with UL on their last studio release Here's To The Mourning. Beaven's production credits also include Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails Slayer and No Doubt. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Particle Transformations Live 
PR reports: On July 18th, Shout! Factory will release two new live titles from Los Angeles based band Particle. The DVD, Transformations Live, was recorded on February 24th, 2006 at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood before a capacity crowd. Transformations Live: For The People will be released as a companion two-CD set that includes recordings from the Henry Fonda show as well as songs from the February 28th, 2006 performance at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. The live DVD and CD set, which are available for purchase separately, capture a fresh line up that now includes two guitar players and the addition of vocals into the group. Both releases feature very special guests including Joe Satriani, Robby Krieger, Blackalicious, and DJ Logic. [see full story for track listings]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Counting Goo Support
PR reports: Eliot Morris is going on tour with the Counting Crows and the Goo Goo Dolls this August and September in support of his upcoming August 15th release, 'What's Mine is Yours' . His brand of southern influenced rock a la Jackson Browne meets Townes Van Zandt meets Americana will be filling the following venues late this summer supported by Jackson Browne's band even!

8/18 - Tinley Park IL First Midwest Bank Pavilion
8/21 - Antioch TN Starwood Amphitheatre
8/23 - Raleigh NC Alltel Pavilion[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Paul Weller DVD
PR reports: Following hot on the heels of the double live album Catch-Flame released on 12 June 2006, Liberation Entertainment will be releasing 'As Is Now' - Paul Weller on DVD on 21st August 2006. This timely release will be Weller's first live DVD since he achieved the Brit Award 2006 for 'Outstanding Contribution to British Music'. The DVD includes footage of the Live At The 100 Club Concert with performances of Pebbles On A Beach, Make It Alright and Town Called Malice; a Documentary On The Making Of 'As Is Now' and a full length interview with the man himself. 

Recorded in just 2 weeks, 'As Is Now', Weller's ninth solo album and the inspiration behind the DVD, has been critically acclaimed as a "milestone record", marking a "dazzling return to the form which made Wildwood and Stanley Road central texts to Britpop a decade ago".- Click Here for the Full Story 

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