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Fall Out Boy Injured on Stage
Gigwise reports: Fall Out Boy's bass player Pete Wentz broke his foot on stage on Sunday (October 28th), it's been revealed. 

Wentz confirmed the break – which happened during the band's performance at the Voodoo Music Experience festival in New Orleans - in a message on his blog, which he accompanied with a picture of the injury. 

"For anyone who was at the Voodoo Fest, you got to see me jump around," he said. "I ended up breaking the bone that connects my shin to my foot."- more on this story

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Van Halen Reschedule Date
antiMusic reports: Welcome to the latest edition of the Van Halen shuffle with some good news for the fans in St. Louis. Remember show that was supposed to take place this past weekend that was nixed because of the tour rescheduling? We have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is the band has rescheduled the show and tickets are now on sale. Plus tickets for the original show will reportedly be honored at the new show. But check with the ticketseller to confirm. 

Now the bad news is that you'll have to wait until March to see them. The show is now set to take place on March 30th at the Scottrade Center. That leaves a big ol' hole in the touring plans between the band's Dec 30th show in Vegas and this new date so we can all start the speculating now about what will fill the time. - dates

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Ricky Parent RIP
antiMusic reports: It's with a heavy heart that I report that Enuff Z'nuff drummer Ricky Parent passed away on Saturday after a long battle with cancer. Normally you would now find some biographical information but I knew Ricky and would like to first say a few words. 

The one thing I will always remember about Ricky is that unfailing smile. There could be some of the usual rock n roll drama going on around him but that smile would never fail. Aside from that smile, he always impressed me because he honestly did live for the stage. He could be playing for thousands of people or a couple hundred and you could always see the excitement in his face as he sat behind his drum kit. I remember seeing the band during the "Tweaked" tour and Ricky was sounding amazing as usual only to find out after the show that he was playing with a broken foot. But that was just the kind of guy he was, he wouldn't let a little thing like a broken foot keep him off the stage and playing for his fans. 

And I know it does sound cliché but he truly did love his fans. As Chip once told me, "they were like oxygen to him." At every show you always knew where you could find Ricky before and after the show and that was out with his extended family, the fans. - more on this story

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Johnny Rotten Threatens Fan During Sex Pistols Set
antiMusic reports: Times sure have changed. Back in the day it was customary for audience members to spit on punk bands while they performed but the frontman for the Sex Pistol will not silently be an onstage target! While he wasn't spit on, someone did toss an overpriced drink at him and scored a bullseye with Johnny Rotten's face, sending the singer into a tizzy. 
The band were playing to 500 fans at a warm-up show at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. According to Reuters, a 21-year-old who snuck into the show decided it might be fan to play drink tag with Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon a.k.a. Johnny Rotten. After being hit, Rotten dripping with anger, threatened to kill the "coward" responsible if he caught him. There are no indications he caught him but a Reuters reporter caught up to the tosser for a comment. 

The LA gig was booked for the band to get their chops together before they kick off their U.K. reunion tour and according to Reuters they needed the practice as Rotten forgot the lyrics to the show opener "Holidays in the Sun" and later improvised lyrics during "Stepping Stone" to include the line "Paris Hilton, kiss my arse." Forgotten lyrics aside, the band was reportedly plagued by sound problems and heat. Read the Reuters report for- more

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Morrissey Fires Support Act Over Gay Comment 
antiMusic reports: Morrissey has booted KristeenYoung from his tour after the duo's namesake made an off-color remark during their set Tuesday night at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. The remark was made in response to audience chants for Morrissey to take the stage with Kristeen Young responding, "Morrissey gives good head, I mean, er, cunnilingus," according to reports. Can't have that! So the duo was sent packing by the Moz camp.

Young address the controversy on the group's Myspace page: "My band, KRISTEENYOUNG, have been asked to leave the Morrissey tour. Although I have been advised not to respond or issue a statement, my feelings are that I must. We have been asked to leave because of something I said on stage at The Hammerstein Ballroom, in New York City, this past Tuesday night. Unfortunately, the statement has been perceived as being profane (when, actually, one of the two words in question is a scientific term found in junior high, health class text books, and the other word, I feel most would agree, is lightweight slang) or defamatory. What I said was part of a thread of stage statements I made throughout our set. They were metaphorical and overstated to make an artistic point. 

"The 'offending' statement, in particular, was in no way a literal statement, and was very much in keeping with the tone of my writing in general. I reach for beauty and intelligence in my lyrics, but try to retain a bit of the everyday in them. Maybe the statement was a bit TOO everyday. Maybe I misjudged… but I meant no harm. I love Morrissey with all of my heart, soul, body, spirit, to the core of my existence and always will. These will be the only words I will ever write or speak on the subject ever again. Please don't ask for an interview or e-mail me with questions. Thanks to those who understand and who are brave enough to say so." [to the angry Moz fans that wrote in, the use of the word gay in the headline was supposed to mean "silly" but many take it as homosexual]- Myspace page

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Bon Jovi World Tour 
antiMusic reports: Here is part of the official announcement about the Bon Jovi tour (minus most of the hype and an outright lie): "We're starting in New Jersey and then taking it to the world," Jon Bon Jovi proclaimed on stage Thursday night at the grand opening of The Prudential Center in his home state of New Jersey. With that, the band tore into concert that marked the first of 10 concerts at the venue and the surprise launch of Bon Jovi's Lost Highway World Tour. 

Concerts in more than 10 countries have already been confirmed including Canada, the U.S., Japan, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Holland, Austria – and counting. Tickets for U.S. dates will go on sale on beginning Saturday, November 3rd, with additional markets and dates to follow in the coming weeks. 

The PR announcement claimed that the over priced tickets for the 10-night run at the Prudential Center were sold out but eFlux reported today that "Bon Jovi's 10-night engagement at the Prudential Center continues Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Nov. 1, 3, 4, 7, 9 and 10. Tickets are still available, ranging from $49.50 to $303. " A quick check at Ticketmaster was able to turn up tickets as well.- more on this story

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Ozzy Who? Heaven and Hell Eye New CD
antiMusic reports: This one might get Sharon in a bit of an eggtossing tizzy because the Ozzy camp keeps dropping hints that he will rejoin his former Sabbath bandmates for a tour and possibly an album. However, Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler tells a rather different story as it seems the band is more than pleased with their current activities touring the classic Heaven and Hell line-up with Ronnie James Dio out front. It's going so well in fact that they are eyeing a new studio album. This according to a press release issued by Noble PR, the firm handling the band's upcoming UK Tour and reads in part: 

There's been much speculation of a forthcoming Black Sabbath reunion with the original line-up with Ozzy Osbourne at the helm, but founding member Geezer Butler has adamantly denied such rumors. "Heaven and Hell are currently in discussions with various record labels about recording a brand new studio album in 2008," says Butler.

Black Sabbath's recent incarnation as Heaven & Hell- fronted by Ronnie James Dio on lead vocals, sees the seminal heavy metal band undertaking a major UK arena tour this November. The band's moniker is taken after Black Sabbath's critically acclaimed 1980 studio album "Heaven and Hell" featuring the title track and the breakout hit "Neon Nights". - more on this story

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Wilco Nix UK Dates
Gigwise reports: Wilco have cancelled their four upcoming English dates, due to take place next month. 

The cancellations have been blamed on scheduling problems, which is all a bit careless really. 

Anyways, if you've got tickets for either their Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham or London dates you are entitled to a refund, which is nice.- more on this story

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Kid Rock A Song Thief?
TMZ reports: TMZ has learned a man named Maurice Foreman, straight from the hills of Kentucky, claims it's no coincidence that his song "Slow Death" is similar to Kid Rock's hit "So Hott" -- and he's suit filin' mad! 

Foreman sought Steppin' Out's Chaunce Hayden's help in finding legal representation, claiming that he has the copyright to his song written in 1997. Foreman claims that Rock sings "so hot" three times, just like he sang "slow death," and says that the lead guitar notes are identical.

Unfortunately, Maurice tells Hayden, he's "a poor guy who works in a factory so I don't have a lot of money," which has made it hard for him to find a lawyer, but if he does have a case, thar's money in them thar hills! [listen and decide for yourself at the following link and you can leave comments at - TMZ about their bigoted comments =)] 

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3 Injured After Akon Stage Collapse 
E! reports: A free concert featuring hip-hop star Akon at Emory University in Atlanta was canceled Thursday afternoon after part of the outdoor stage collapsed during construction, injuring three people, two of them seriously, according to DeKalb County officials.

"It's probable that the weight of the lighting may have contributed to the canopy falling," DeKalb County Fire Captain Eric Jackson told Atlanta's WXIA-TV. 

"In the midst of trying to prepare to get everything ready—specifically to perform a sound check, is when the canopy that is on this temporary stage collapsed."- more on this story

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What's That Smell? Oh it's Jessica Simpson
antiMusic reports: Just what the world needed, a Jessica Simpson perfume. Anyone up for smelling like tuna? Or is chicken? Why is called Chicken of the Sea? Why do celebs do clothing lines and perfumes? Why do consumers buy such things? We have no answers to any of these complex questions but we do that Jessica will soon stink up the place. Contact Music has the report: 

Singer/actress Jessica Simpson has become the latest in a long line of female celebrities to launch her own perfume. The star, 27, has signed a deal with Parlux fragrances - the company behind Paris Hilton's scent range

With Simpson joining the likes of Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker with her new smelly sideline. The as-yet-unnamed perfume is expected to hit shelves in summer next year (08).- more on this story

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Enuff Z'nuff Say Goodbye to Ricky Parent
antiMusic reports: Enuff Z'nuff issued a short statement on their website on Monday saying goodbye to their late drummer Ricky Parent who passed away on Saturday after a long battle with cancer. The band's former manager and Ricky's close friend Tom Feeley also updated fans about memorial services. 

The band wrote on their website: "While we lost a dear friend and bandmate the world lost a beautiful soul and is a much sadder place without him. We were blessed having him in our lives and he was blessed having the love and friendship of the fans that he loved so much. Our hearts go out to his family and closest friends. Ricky we hail you and will always miss you. Rest in Peace our brother. "

Fans wishing to pay respects, funeral arrangements- information is here

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Repackaged Pumpkins
antiMusic reports: The Smashing Pumpkins are the latest group to offer up a bonus to their fans- the ability to buy the same album all over again! Ok they do get some bonuses with this new special edition. Gigwise has the report: Smashing Pumpkins are to release a new edition of their album, 'Zeitgeist,' with a bonus DVD. 

The album will be available in America from tomorrow (October 30th) and will also include a number of tracks that didn't appear on the album's original release. 

Along with 'Death From Above' and 'Stellar' – which have also featured on other special editions of the album – fans will able to hear a brand new track, 'Ma Belle'- more on this story

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U2 Go 3D in January
TelevisionPoint reports: National Geographic Cinema Ventures (NGCV) President Lisa Truitt announced the first major international NGCV release, 'U2 3D', opening in late January 2008 in 3-D only, in REAL D, IMAX 3-D and other digital 3-D theaters worldwide. 

Filmed in South America during U2's Vertigo Tour, 'U2 3D' is the first live-action movie ever shot, produced and exhibited in digital 3-D. The film captures the intimacy between band and audience in a unique, visceral way and establishes a new standard in 3-D digital technology.

Directed by Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington, 'U2 3D' transforms a series of live concerts by one of the world's most acclaimed bands into a completely new entertainment experience.- more on this story

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Metal Bands Injured in Bus Crash
Candlelight reports: Russia's Darkside webzine has reported that several members of the Polish extreme metal acts Decapitated and Crionics were badly injured in a bus crash which took place when the two bands were traveling to Gomel, Belarus (located in the former Soviet Union) to perform a concert Monday night (October 29) as part of their joint tour. 

Two members of Decapitated are reportedly in intensive care at a local hospital while the bus itself is said to be "beyond repair." 

More information will be made available soon.- more on this story

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Hippy University To End War and Drug Abuse?
antiMusic reports: Rich old hippies don't die, they start universities. While most "normal" universities are up to their ivy in aging hippies masquerading as professors, a 60s icon has decided to start a university devoted to transcendental meditation. A movement that lost a lot of hippy cred when the Beatles famously fled after a short flirtation with it (Ringo didn't like the food but George actually stuck with it).

Now Donovan, who's best work may have been in a Alice Cooper song (Billion Dollar Babies), wants to build the Invincible Donovan University. The man that gave us Hurdy Gurdy Man" and "Mellow Yellow," now thinks the world is ready for the enlightenment. Or at least Glasgow or Edinburgh might be ready for it. He still hasn't decided which fine city will host his "oommmm" factory according to the Associated Press. 

"I know it sounds like an airy-fairy hippie dream to go on about '60s peace and love," said Donovan." But the world is ready for this now, it is clear this is the time." It appears that his guru told him to build the university way back in 1968 but he's just now getting around to it. "The Maharishi told me during that 1968 visit that I should build a university in Edinburgh. I went to my room and drew a beautiful dome-shaped place of learning," he said Friday. You'll never guess who he teamed up with for this project. Will give you a hint the partner said of this undertaking: "For a country the size of Scotland it would take only 250 students meditating to protect Scotland from its enemies and to bring peace, to stop violence and drug abuse." While we try to stop laughing, you can find out who the mystery man is- more on this story

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Kid Rock Off The Hook as Lee Drops Charges
antiMusic reports: Remember a few weeks back at the MTV Video Music Awards when Kid Rock made the show actually entertaining when he bitch-slapped Tommy Lee? At the time the former Motley Thru drummer reportedly pressed charges but has now apparently decided to let the whole incident drop along with his complaint.

Las Vegas police cited Kid Rock for misdemeanor battery following the slap heard round the world, but on Monday the Clark County District Attorney's Office announced that will they "will not pursue a battery charge against Robert James Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, involving a confrontation with Tommy Lee on Sept. 9, 2007, at Palms Hotel and Casino," Chief Deputy D.A. Ron Bloxham said in a statement. 

"It should be noted that Tommy Lee has requested that there be no prosecution relating to the incident and there were no injuries to either person." Bruised ego aside, Tommy let it go. Now if you missed the blow by blow on this feud including the verbal fights that took place in statements and interviews, E! has the whole sorry mess laid out for your reading enjoyment- right here

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Shots Fired At Lordi
Metal Underground reports: According to ESCtoday.com, LORDI's manager and bodyguard were shot at, and a fan was robbed, following the band's performance in Louisville, Kentucky Friday night (October 26). The events started after the concert when LORDI mainman Mr. Lordi, his wife Johanna and the band's keyboardist Awa had just entered the tour bus. The rest of the group went into a nearby bar for a drink. Their tour manager Rikk Scholvinck and a bodyguard were escorting some of their fans towards the bus when a van appeared next to the bus and four or five teenagers jumped out of it. 

"One of the men with a gun took a fan, a girl, put the gun to her head and forced her to lie down on the ground," Mr. Lordi said. "Also one of the boys froze on the spot while the others fled away, including Rikk and the bodyguard while another man started shooting at them. Luckily he missed and no one was hurt. Rikk ran to the bar and called the police who arrived soon. 

"In a moment we were surrounded by like five police cars but the guys managed to escape. They were a group of drug addicts that had stolen the car earlier that night, and police were already looking for them but have still not managed to catch them."- more on this story

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Ozzy Used To Nab Deadbeat Dads
BW&BK reports: Some fans who turned out for a party before Monday's (October 29th) Ozzy Osbourne-Rob Zombie concert found out they'd been handed tricks instead of treats by the law when sheriff's deputies crashed the party. 

The approximately 40 people who answered letters of invitation turned up at The Venue at Playmakers for what they thought would be a festive party before the big concert at the Fargodome. 

The Venue event was sponsored by PDL Productions – a bogus firm created by Paul D. Laney, the Cass County sheriff, to help catch scofflaws who ignored court summons and child support payments or failed to pay fines. 

Instead of partying down, attendees were arrested on outstanding warrants. "It was more of a warrant party," Laney said. - more on this story

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The Country Goes Country
Billboard reports: In a Billboard 200 first, three country debuts occupy the Nos. 1-3 slots on the chart, led by Carrie Underwood's "Carnival Ride." The 19 Recordings/Arista Nashville set sold 527,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, earning the artist her first No. 1. 

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss' "Raising Sand" (Rounder) opens at No. 2, selling 112,000. It's the highest charting album for both as solo artists and Krauss' first time in the top 10.

Country singer Gary Allan's MCA Nashville set "Living Hard" enters at No. 3 with 69,000. System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian's solo debut, "Elect the Dead" (Serjical Strike/Reprise) also bows with 69,000, a couple hundred short of Allen's sum, at No. 4. SOAD's last album, 2005's "Hypnotize," bowed at No. 1 with 320,000.- Find out how the rest of the top of the charts worked out.

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Radiohead Ink Deal
Gigwise reports: Radiohead have confirmed that they will sign to XL for a physical release of their latest album 'In Rainbows'. 

The news comes after various rumours in the last couple of weeks suggested that the deal was almost done. 

The band released their last album 'Hail To The Thief' with EMI in 2003 but the XL deal was a good bet after Thom Yorke released his solo album 'The Eraser' through the label in 2006.- more on this story

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Rock Band Soundtrack
PR reports: Harmonix announced today the final soundtrack for its highly anticipated music videogame Rock Band. Featuring dozens of master recordings from the world's biggest rock artists, the Rock Band soundtrack includes 58 tracks and spans every genre of rock ranging from alternative, classic to heavy metal and punk. 

"Our goal with the Rock Band soundtrack was to give players the chance to experience an amazing cross section of rock n' roll from the last four decades - ranging from iconic artists to emerging bands," stated Eric Brosius, Audio Lead for Harmonix Music Systems.- more including the full tracklisting

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Coldplay Leak More Album Details 
Filter reports: Coldplay is putting the finishing touches on its fourth album, the successor to X & Y, due to emerge during the first half of 2008 via Capitol. 

The band's website has been flirting with fans for months and recently uncovered the titles to two new numbers, "Famous Old Painters" and "Glass of Water", that will appearing on their upcoming album. 

What else can we expect from Coldplay's fourth baby? 1) It's going to be 42 minutes long. 2) In July, Coldplay reported that after recording the album in Latin America that it has Hispanic influences, and 3) with Brian Eno producing the album it is bound to show some signs of experimentation. - more on this story

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Don Vito Guilty of Child Sex Assault 
Contact Music reports: American reality TV star Vincent 'Don Vito' Margera has been found guilty of two counts of sexual assault against children. The Viva La Bam star - the uncle of Jackass regular Bam Margera - collapsed to the floor screaming, "Just kill me now!" when the verdict was read out in a Jefferson County, Colorado courtroom on Wednesday (31Oct07). 

Margera had pleaded not guilty to allegations he groped three underage girls at an MTV appearance in a Colorado mall in August 2006 - he was found guilty on two counts, but acquitted on another. 

The 51-year-old faces up to six years in prison on each conviction when he is sentenced on 20 December (07). - more on this story

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Trail Of Dead Vs Interscope 
Gigwise reports: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead main man Conrad Keeley has launched as scathing attack on his band's former label Interscope Records. The band have recently parted ways with the imprint having released their last three albums with them, including their latest tour-de-force 'So Divided.' 

However, it appears the parting was not very amicable, with Keeley using a blog post to take a swipe at the label and its staff. Clearly frustrated by the apparent lack of publicity the label gave Trail of Dead, Keeley wrote: "At the expense of a massive debt to them of half a million dollars, they really helped us to grow. 

"They've taught us about the worthlessness of A&R people, how to yell at idiots running an art department, and how to shake hands with smiling retailers who have no idea who you are. Furthermore, their idea of marketing (was) keeping it a secret that we'd released a record."
- more on this story

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Fall Out Boy Wanna Pop 
antiMusic reports: Here is a real shocking story. It seems Fall Out Boy plan to go pop. We already thought they were pop but apparently they want to complete the cross over, perhaps to further increase their MTV darling image? We don't know, but here is Contact Music with the story:

Fall Out Boy are abandoning their rock roots to record a new album of pop songs. Frontman Patrick Stump reveals the band already has an album's worth of material prepared for the project. 

He says, "It's probably going to be a pop record. We're experimenting with piano, too."- more breaking news

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Da Brat Hits Waitress With Da Bottle 
antiMusic reports: We couldn't end the week without a story about a rapper being arrested for doing something stupid. This time it is Da Brat who lived up to the stage moniker and now faces a charge of aggravated assault. 

Jam has the story: Rapper Da Brat was arrested early Thursday after a dispute at a night club in U.S. state of Georgia. 

Witnesses told police the 33-year-old rapper got into an argument with a waitress and later hit her over the head with a bottle of rum, Atlanta television station WSB reported.- more on this story

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Injury Delays Zeppelin Show 
Metal Underground reports: Led Zeppelin's November 26th reunion concert has been pushed back to December 10th because guitarist Jimmy Page fractured his finger. The injury, which he sustained this past weekend, will make him unable to play guitar for the next three weeks. 

"I am disappointed that we are forced to postpone the concert by two weeks," Page said in a statement. "However, Led Zeppelin have always set very high standards for ourselves, and we feel that this postponement will enable my injury to properly heal, and permit us to perform at the level that both the band and our fans have always been accustomed to."

The show, a memorial for late Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun, will also feature performances by Pete Townshend, Bill Wyman, and Foreigner- more on this story

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