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Full Report for 10/29/2008
Bigelf Week: Day 3
antiMusic reports: We love Bigelf so much here at antiMusic that we're bringing them back for another artist week! Last time we celebrated the U.S. release of their masterpiece 'Hex,' and we are now pleased to tell you that they have topped themselves with their latest release 'Cheat The Gallows.' which is in stores now. To celebrate this new release, we asked Damon and Ace to share with us the stories behind some of their favorite tracks from the CD. Here they are with today's song "No Parachute"!

Damon: One night after being out late I came home and sat down at the piano, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and said..."There's no use looking down..." almost the whole song came out on that first attempt. Of course not every word, but close.. the verse, chorus and bride chords. I don't really have a formula for songwriting but this doesn't happen every day. When we added the Mellotron choir(male, female, solo female & boys) to the intro, it captured the complete essence of the lyrics for me. I still get chills when it comes in, love it.

Ace: This is one of my personal favorites on the album. Simple but effective, very melodic, and a nice breather between the heavy rockers on the record. We had a string quartet play on this one, it really added some cool elements to the arrangements and the overall soundscape. This one's about jumping out of an airplane without a parachute... voluntarily.

Preview songs from the album, learn more about it and the group and more right - here!

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AC/DC Rule The World
Sony reports: Released globally on Monday October 20, 2008, Black Ice tops sales charts in 29 Countries including the US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Argentina, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and more.

In the US alone Black Ice has sold more than 780,000 units its first week on sale, marking the band's first ever debut entry at #1 on the album charts. Over 5 million copies of Black Ice have been shipped worldwide, combined with close to 5 million in catalog sold this year, the band are poised to sell over 10 million units this year alone.

In the US, Black Ice is being sold exclusively at Walmart, Sam's Club, and www.acdc.com. AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band(R) TrackPack(TM), featuring master recordings from the band's fabled 1991 performance at Donnington Castle, will also be sold exclusively by Walmart and Sam's Club in November and in Europe, Australia and New Zealand beginning in early December. In addition, Columbia Records have partnered with Walmart and MTV to create "AC/DC Rock Band Stores" in New York's Times Square and in Los Angeles to give fans in these cities fast access to the band's newest items. These pop up stores have begun selling the album, AC/DC apparel, the Rock Band video game, and Rock Band branded apparel and accessories. - more on this story

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Britney Paris Lohan Sitcom? Must Skip TV!
Angryape reports: Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan could be starring in a new sitcom together, if [the always reliable UK press] reports are anything to go by.

UK newspaper the Daily Star reports how HBO are eyeing the trio to star alongside one another, in a show that will be a cross between Friends and Ugly Betty. It's even said Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives) will write the script.

A source tells the paper: "The chemistry between them will be electric. They were all very close and have had their ups and downs in the LA party world. But they have overcome those problems now. And they can draw from their experiences for the sitcom." [We usually doubt many UK press reports based on "sources" but this story just might be stupid enough to be true. Then again. - Read more]

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Beatles iPod
Angryape reports: A special edition The Beatles iPod will be going on sale through U.S. department stores Bloomingdales, fuelling rumors that the band's back catalogue will soon be available for sale through digital download store iTunes.

The collectible 120GB MP3 player will be limited to just 2,500 copies and individually numbered.

The Beatles logo will be etched onto the hardware and the package will also include an engraved guitar pick inside. - It'll run you one arm and one leg.

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Barenaked Slap On the Wrist
AP reports: A drug charge against Barenaked Ladies singer-guitarist Steven Page was significantly reduced Tuesday by an upstate New York court.

The felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and the 38-year-old musician was given what's called an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, which means the charges will be dismissed if he stays out of trouble for six months.

Page was arrested in July while visiting girlfriend Christine Benedicto and another woman at their suburban Syracuse apartment. - more on this story

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Linkin Park Working on New Album, What a Concept!
Billboard reports: Linkin Park is planning what singer Chester Bennington calls "a concept record" for its fourth album.

The group will start recording in early November and be ensconced in making by the time its new live album, "Road to Revolution," rolls out Nov. 25.

Bennington is mum on details -- "I'm not sure I'm allowed to say what the big plan is," he notes -- but tells Billboard.com that Linkin Park "never envisioned ourselves doing a concept record, but we see an opportunity to do something really cool so we jumped on it, and we'll see how it comes out. I think it's a challenge and we'll see if we can rise to the occasion." - A lot more from Chester

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Weiland Preview, El DeBarge Convicted, Punk Auction, Elvis Still The King, Miley Cyrus Joins Special Edition Scam, DRM Free MP3s For Under A Buck and more
antiMusic reports: Here are today's Quicks: El DeBarge will spend the next two years feeling the rhythm of the night behind bars in connection with his recent drug bust. The pop star was just sentenced to two years in state prison. more

Memorabilia from some of punk rock's biggest acts and seminal moments — including a scrawled flier for one of the Clash's first shows and publicity photos signed by the Sex Pistols — is headed for a Nov. 24 Christie's auction.more

Wal-Mart has relaunched its struggling digital music store, which will feature DRM-free music at lower prices than what iTunes charges for songs. The company made the switch to DRM-free sales earlier this year, but as a result had a limited catalog due to holdouts from some of the major labels. That's over now, as all four major labels are onboard more

Check out the new video from Scott Weiland titled Paralysis here

Elvis Presley may have left the building several decades ago, but his earning power is far from diminished with Forbes.com ranking him the top-earning dead celebrity for the second year in a row.more

You liked it so much when you bought it the first time, here is the chance to spend your parents money on it all over again! Miley Cyrus' album "Breakout" will be expanded with a DVD for its "platinum edition" reissue on Nov. 18 via Hollywood. The album version also includes two bonus songs: "Hovering" and "Someday." more

Wilco have finished recording demos for the follow-up album to last year's 'Sky Blue Sky'. The group now plan to start working on the tracks and fleshing them out in their Chicago studio this month. more

NBC has always pretty much sucked. Case in point: KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park aired 30 years ago this week (October 28th) on NBC TV. The movie was one of the highest-rated TV movies of 1978. more.

The family of late blues guitarist Jeff Healey have lashed out at a label it claims released a double-CD of early singles and unreleased live material that they did not authorize.more

The "dirty boys of the underground," east coast rockers Kix, are set to bring their high-energy stage antics to America's heartland. Kix will play the inaugural Rock Gone Wild festival in Algona, Iowa August 20-23, 2009. more info

50 Cent is an executive producer and interview subject in the new Jam Master Jay documentary, Two Turntables and a Microphone. 50 told MTV News that the documentary was produced in part by Jay's cousin, Stephon "Phonz" Watford, and it sheds some light on the circumstances surrounding Jay's death. more

On next November 17th (January 27th in the US), Season of Mist will reissue two classic albums by cult doom band Pentagram: 1999's "Review Your Choices" and 2001's "Sub Basement." Many have named the band the true heir of the British originators of heavy and doom metal, honourably dubbing them 'the American Black Sabbath'. more

The Download Festival 2009 will take place on June 12-14 next year, organizers have revealed.more

More than 25 years after co-founding Death Angel with his brother Gus Pepa (guitar) and cousins Mark Osegueda (vocals), Rob Cavestany and drummer Andy Galeon, bassist Dennis Pepa has left the band. - more

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Promoter Seeks Headlines by Trashing Plantless Zeppelin Tour Idea
BBC reports: Led Zeppelin should not hit the road for a major tour with a new singer, promoter Harvey Goldsmith has said.

Members of the legendary rock group have auditioned vocalists to take the place of frontman Robert Plant.

"I certainly don't think they should do a big tour because I can't see the point of it," Goldsmith said. [The fans might though and maybe the new singer can hit the notes Robert can no longer manage? Just sayin. ] - more on this story

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Queen Box Set Announced
PR reports: At present enjoying a new peak of popularity with audiences of all ages, Queen are preparing to release an irresistible collection of the band's biggest world-wide hits. QUEEN: THE SINGLES COLLECTION, a project 35 years in the making, materializes on November 17th, in the first of four boxes of individual CD's, facsimiles of the original vinyl singles. The tracks span more than 20 years, and are drawn from sixteen studio albums, beginning with the debut LP, Queen, in 1973, and ending in Made In Heaven in 1995.

Volume 1, the first box contains 13 CD singles, dating from the beginnings of the band's recording career in 1970, to Don't Stop Me Now in 1979. Box 2 will continue the story into the mid 1980s, and so on. Ultimately, the four boxes will offer every one of Queen's singles to have made the upper reaches of the charts anywhere in the world. Naturally the set will take in all of the band's UK singles, but it will also feature many that were only released abroad.

The Singles Collection will also include various rare non-album B-sides, including some live tracks, and some seldom-heard alternative mixes. It will trace the band through four decades, and many musical styles; every top 40 Queen single heard on the radio anywhere across the world will be found in this collection. - more on this story

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Slipknot Won't Need To Bone Up on Their Hebrew
BW&BK reports: Slipknot recently announced their first ever show in Israel, Hangar No.1 at the Fair Trade and Convention Center in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 2nd.

This show is now cancelled. A brief band statement reads as follows: "It is with deep regret that Slipknot are forced to cancel their performance in Israel as the result of sudden personal and family conflicts. - more on this story

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Metallica: And Vinyl for All
antiMusic reports: Lars Inc had this announcement: The summer of vinyl has stretched into Fall with the re-issue of …And Justice For All as part of the on-going series that will eventually see the entire catalog available again.

Justice is now available in North America as a two disc package for the 33.3 version, and in a box for the four disc, 180 gram, 45 rpm edition. Check out your fav local record shop, or just head over to the Metallica store to pick up a copy. Look for the re-release on vinyl in the rest of the world on December 1st.

Yes, you guessed it. The "Black Album" is up next... should be available in about a month and of course we'll be back here with the details. - get it here

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MTV Launches Online Video Site
punknews.org reports: As many have noted, MTV doesn't play videos anymore, focusing instead on reality shows and other types of content, but the channel does still boast arguably the largest collection of music videos anywhere.

Today, the channel announced the launch of MTV Music, a YouTube-styled site which will eventually feature the company's entire catalog of music videos.

As of today, there are 16,000 videos, "Unplugged" performances and exclusive MTV concert footage. - more on this story

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Maroon 5, Icarus Line and VietNam Vets Deliver Video Historics
PR reports: Historics are ready to reveal the swirling and dreamlike "Taverns," the first single and music video off their forthcoming debut album. The hypnotic track stems from the combined forces of three veteran musicians and their diverse backgrounds: Don Devore (Ink & Dagger; Icarus Line), Mickey Madden (Maroon 5), and Josh Grubb (VietNam).

The song is a warm and bittersweet trip laced with Grubb's narcotic, eastern-tinged guitar licks. Madden's steady bass lines provide a subtle yet cathartic anchor, often maintaining the heart of the song while the other instruments erupt into moments of chaos. Devore speak-sings melancholy lyrics such as "breath that smoke, lose your hope" in a beautifully weathered voice – one that sounds like it belongs to a man who has seen and done it all.

The video, directed by Brendon Devore, features multiple planes of footage draped on top of one another, mirroring the production of the song and it's layered sonic tapestry. Golden hues outline the band members, giving them a spectral quality while cityscapes float across the screen. Adding to the surreal atmosphere is ominous interspered footage of a bat flying in slow motion as well as the spooky shots of an owl that bookend the video.
- more on this story

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Singled Out: Lordi
antiMusic reports: Welcome to Singled Out! where we ask artists to tell us the inside story of their latest single. Today Ox from Lordi tells us about "Bite It Like A Bulldog" from their brand new album "Deadache". We now turn it over to Ox for the story:

"Bite it like a bulldog" is one of the songs we wrote when I flew for couple days from Helsinki to Mr.Lordi's cabin in northern Finland. It's the only one from three or four songs we wrote together that actually made it to the album.

The song started from the idea that we wanted a song that started off with a cool bass line. At first the riff we had was a little different, it was upside down or something, then Mr. Lordi said: You know what, I'm gonna go take a dump and meanwhile you finish the riff. So when he came back, I had it. The rest of the song (or some parts) are from some other songs of Mr.Lordi's that just fit better here. That's how many of the Lordi songs actually come together. The lyrics in this song that Mr. Lordi wrote are based on people that we know.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album - right here!

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