Day in Rock Report for 08/12/2015

New Slipknot Members Still Have To Earn Official Status

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor discussed the vibe with their new drummer Jay Weinberg and bass player Alessandro "Vman" Venturella in new interview and went on to say that Weinberg is currently "with the band" but everyone has to earn their way into the group.

Taylor tells Loaded Radio (via Blabbermouth) about the vibe with the new members, "It's really good, man. The vibe is great. I can't say enough great things about those kids. They're so passionate about what they do. They still love the music just as much as we do. And they're absolutely dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. Not perfection itself, because you'll never [stop chasing] that thing, but the pursuit of it. And that's what this band is all about.

"It's all about making sure that you do everything in your ability to make sure that [you put on] the perfect show for whatever audience is in front of you. And plus, they're just great dudes - really, really good guys who I really genuinely love hanging out with. And you put all of that together, and it just feels like Slipknot. It's really, really cool."

Taylor was then asked if Weinberg can now officially be called Slipknot's new drummer and he responded, "Well, he's the drummer with Slipknot. Nobody gets in or out right now. But it's like I've always said, though… Everybody asks, 'Are they in the band?' And I keep telling [them] this: they're with the band; they're with us right now. That's because you're not given anything in this band - you earn everything in this band. So, you know, we'll see what happens in the next couple of years."

Listen to the full interview here.

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Poison May Move On Without Bret Michaels

(Classic Rock) Poison drummer Rikki Rockett says Poison could move forward without frontman Bret Michaels. Rockett insisted last year there was no feud between himself and the singer. But he's recently been playing with his Poison bandmates Bobby Dall and C.C DeVille, with Brandon Gibbs from the sticksman's other outfit Devil City Angels on vocal duties.

He tells Sleaze Roxx:" When I was out touring with Devil City Angels, Bobby Dall came to one of the shows we played in Florida and jammed with us. He got the chance to get to know Brandon a little bit.

We got offered some shows that Bret either really wasn't interested in doing or if he had shows of his own scheduled - I can't recall exactly. In any event, Bobby and I looked at each other and said 'Why don't we just get Brandon to do them?'

"Now we'd never call it Poison but we did think it was good to offer the promoters a chance to work with the three of us with Brandon fronting the band. They took it - we did it and the response was amazing. It makes you really think. Is this something that we could do moving forward? I think we could."

Rockett reports he hasn't spoken to Michaels in months, and adds: "I just think that at this point in time he prefers to do his own thing. Bret has his own way of doing things and I'm getting the feeling that he'd prefer not to deal with the three of us if he can avoid it." Read more including Rockett's thoughts on making an album with Gibbs here.

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Motley Crue Add Another Stop To Their Final Tour

(hennemusic) Motley Crue have announced that they have added a Quebec City stop to their farewell tour. The band will play the city's new Centre Videotron on October 20.

Metallica will play the first show in the new building on September 16, as well as the final concert at Colisee Pepsi on September 14 as it closes after more than 65 years.

Motley Crue recently launched a North American leg of their farewell tour as they head down the home stretch of final live appearances that will last until the end of the year. Read more here.

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Jack White's The Dead Weather Announce New Album 'Dodge & Burn'

(Radio.com) Jack White's main band these days is the Dead Weather, and on Tuesday they finally announced their third album, Dodge & Burn. The album will feature four songs that have already been released on 7″ vinyl through White's label Third Man Records's Vault Club, but there are also eight brand new songs as well.

The band, which features White on drums, Alison Mosshart (also of the Kills) on vocals, Jack Lawrence (also of the Greenhornes, and a bandmate of White's in the Raconteurs), and Dean Fertita (also of Queens of the Stone Age) on guitar and keyboards, will not be touring for the album.

A press release, however, offers that "Thankfully the thick and heavy Dodge & Burn will satisfy your urges for the dark magic that is The Dead Weather for a very long time." Read more here.

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Slayer Gave Fans Their Biggest Show Ever On Mayhem Tour

(Classic Rock) Tom Araya says Slayer spent more money on production for the Mayhem tour than they ever have before. The frontman reckons fans were treated to the best stage show in the band's history during the recent jaunt across North America.

He says: "The production has been bigger than we've ever done on any Slayer tour. The last few times that we've done the Mayhem tour we invested, but we invested quite a bit on this one."

And the singer/bass player has a special message for the fans, saying he owes them everything - and promises them metal will never die. He adds: "I love them, I love them to death. They're the sole reason why we're here. I owe a lot to Slayer fans. Metal is never gonna die, I wanna make that clear. There's some sh*t flying around. I'm telling you, metal has been around forever and it's gonna stick around forever. Don't let people tell you any different." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Queensryche's New Album Said To Harkin Back To Classic Albums

(Classic Rock) Michael Wilton says friends have compared Queensryche's upcoming album to their 1988 milestone Operation: Mindcrime and classic albums Rage For Order and The Warning.

Queensryche are set to release Condition Human on October 2 via Century Media, and Wilton points out that it sounds like some of original vocalist Geoff Tate's best work with the group. Wilton tells Heavy Demons: "From my friends that have heard it, they say, 'Ah, it pulls a lot from Rage For Order.' And I've had other people say, 'Yeah, this reminds me of The Warning a little bit.

"Other people said, 'This reminds me of Mindcrime a little bit - but more with a modern touch.' For me, it's whole new experience. It's the evolution of Queensryche. I just think there is so much heart put into this album, I think people will really enjoy it." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Motorhead Holding Contest For Fan Submissions For New Video

(Classic Rock) Motorhead are asking fans to submit footage of themselves rocking out as part of a contest to win prizes and appear in their music video for the song Thunder & Lightning.

The track is from the band's upcoming 22nd album, Bad Magic, which will be released on August 28 via UDR Music. Motorhead say: "Enter a video of yourself jamming/rocking out to Thunder & Lightning. You could be playing air guitar/bass/drums or actually performing on an instrument - or you could simply be rocking out having tons of fun listening to the track. We will cut our favourite entries into one big music video for everyone to enjoy."

The Grand Prize includes a trip for two aboard the band's six-day Motorboat cruise next month, which travels from Miami to the Bahamas and features more than 20 acts including Slayer, Anthrax and Exodus. Read more here.

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Black Sabbath's Bill Ward Plans To Mingle With Fans At Exhibition

(Classic Rock) Estranged Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward is holding an exhibition of his art in Los Angeles this month and he has released a video message for fans about the event.

Absence Of Corners is a collection of 15 works created through Ward's drumming and runs at Fathom Gallery in the California Market Center on August 15 and 16.

Ward previously showed the collection in Annapolis, Maryland in 2013. He says: "The art show is something where I sit down, and get involved with everybody. So I don't like to sit on some forum, and I don't like to be separated from the people that I'm with. So I like to mingle and hold hands and get involved, and talk about just about any subject.

"We're gonna be looking at my artwork that I did with brushes. A lot of people have been very stimulated and very excited by the art exhibition, and the paintings that we achieved last year." Read more and watch the video here.

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Opeth Announce Special One-Off Orchestra Concert

(Prog) Opeth have announced a one-off show in Bulgaria where they will be joined by the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra. The event takes place at the Roman Theatre in Plovdiv on September 19.

Opeth say: "The orchestra has its roots in the 100-year-old orchestral tradition in Plovdiv and over the years has launched the careers of many world-famous conductors.

"Tracks played with the orchestra, among others, are Eternal Rains Will Come, The Drapery Falls, Demon Of The Fall and The Grand Conjuration. Opeth will also play a second set that includes tracks from the entire catalogue." Read more here.

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Tesseract Collaborating With Martin Grech On New Album

(Classic Rock) Tesseract have revealed they've collaborated with acclaimed musician Martin Grech on their upcoming third album. He'll provide vocals on the track Hexes which appears on Polaris, released on September 18 via Kscope. And the band have released a teaser of what fans can expect.

Guitarist Acle Kahney says: "I was at a Martin Grech show over 12 years ago when he was touring his first album. I didn't know his material at the time but it's still one of the most memorable gigs I've been to. His music definitely became an influence and inspiration for me."

Kahney adds that the idea to collaborate on the track came about while he and drummer Jay Postones were working with Grech on his as-yet-untitled new album.

He says: "We'd always spoken about trying to jam some ideas together or be involved with each other's music in some way but nothing ever materialised until Polaris.

"The whole band are fans of his music so it felt like a no brainer. I've been wanting to do a collab with Martin for over decade. So it feels great to have someone who has inspired and influenced me become a part of the album." Read more and check out the teaser here.

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Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Decapitation, Soreption Plan Fall Tour

Cannibal Corpse have announced that they will be launching a North American tour this fall that will feature support from Cattle Decapitation, Soreption, and a local opener at each show.

The tour will be kicking off on October 8th in Jacksonville, FL at the Underbelly and will run through November 7th when it concludes in Orlando, Fl at Venue 578.

Cannibal Corpse's Alex Webster had the following to say about the trek, "We're very excited to be hitting the road this Fall with Cattle Decapitation and Soreption, two killer bands that we know our fans will love. Get ready for a night of complete brutality!"

Cattle Decapitation frontman Travis Ryan adds, "We've wanted to tour with Cannibal Corpse ever since we started touring and we're glad that's finally going to be a reality! Looking forward to making memories with these guys and Soreption!" See the dates here.

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Pentagram Expand Curious Volume Tour Plans Into Winter

(TeamRock Radio) Pentagram have announced a November European tour which includes dates in London and Manchester which will be preceded by a string of North American dates in late summer running into early fall.

They'll hit the road in support of eighth album Curious Volume, out on August 21 via Peaceville Records. Frontman Bobby Liebling says: "We're all itching to perform some of our songs from our new album Curious Volume. We feel they fit well within the other heavy numbers from the bands near 45 year history.

"The set is packed with the classics you know and love and ones that you may not even expect. Bring your earplugs - we're going to blow off the roof with our curious volume!" See all of the tour dates here.

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Motionless In White Following Slipknot Tour With Intimate Shows

(TeamRock Radio) Motionless In White have announced an intimate UK and Ireland tour for later this year. And they've deliberately chosen to play at smaller venues as they want to be able to better connect with their fans.

Frontman Chris Motionless says: "After having a wonderful time playing in some of the bigger venues across Ireland, Scotland and England the past few years, we are longing to feel what we felt our first time in the UK when we played venues such as the smaller Academy rooms, and of course, the legendary Underworld.

"It's time to be soaked to the bone in sweat, scream head-to-head with fans, and create those memories that will keep 2015 in our thoughts for the rest of our lives. These are the shows I live for. Come out and share this with us."

The band's last release was 2014's Reincarnate and they're currently on the road with Slipknot on the Summer's Last Stand tour across North America. Read more including the dates here.

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Avatarium Announce New Album The Girl With The Raven Mask

(TeamRock Radio) Avatarium will release The Girl With The Raven Mask on October 23 via Nuclear Blast. The project is Candlemass bassist Leif Edling's second album with his side-project following their self-titled 2013 release and the 2014 EP All I Want.

The bassist is joined by vocalist Jennie-Ann Smith, guitarist Marcus Jidell, drummer Lars Skold and keyboardist Carl Westholm on The Girl With The Raven Mask.

Edling says: "Think we have created something unique this time with Avatarium. The songs are more written to be just songs and there are some really nice moments on the record that I personally love.

"I hope people will dig TGWTRM as much as I do myself, and if they don't, it's their problem. A band can't deliver more than we have done here, so it is an album close to perfection." Read more here.

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Children Of Bodom Streaming New Song 'I Worship Chaos'

(TeamRock Radio) Children Of Bodom have issued a lyric video for their track I Worship Chaos. The song is the title track for the band's upcoming ninth album, due for release on October 2 via Nuclear Blast.

Singer/guitarist Alexi Laiho says: "To me, it seems like I Worship Chaos has a lot darker vibe in it than the previous albums and so far everyone has told me that the songs are a lot catchier this time, which I'm definitely glad about.

"To sum it up, it's angry, dark and catchy as f***. I think it's safe to say I Worship Chaos is Children Of Bodom reborn even more pissed off." The album will be available in CD, 2LP, digibook and CD/DVD digibook formats. Check out the new song here.

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Chantel McGregor's New Album Inspired By Southern Gothic Culture

(Classic Rock) Chantel McGregor will release her second album, Lose Control, on October 9, she's confirmed. The follow-up to 2011 debut Like No Other appears via her boutique label Tis Rock Music and includes 10 tracks that focuses on her interest in Southern Gothic culture.

McGregor says: "I wanted to create an album that reflected the imagery and themes of that genre. I drew inspiration from the TV shows True Detective and True Blood, and I studied Tennessee Williams, Carson Mullers and Mark Twain.

"I surrounded myself with imagery from Walker Evans and Clarence John Laughlin - all to immerse myself in the sinister, dark world of depravity, magic and voodoo, writing most of the songs from the perspective of disturbed, flawed characters." Read more and watch a preview video here.

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Prog Collective VLY Announce Debut Album

(Prog) Prog collective VLY will release their debut album on September 25 via Laser's Edge. The group is led by former Crippled Black Phoenix members Karl Demata and Chris Heilmann alongside singer Keith Gladysz of Diet Kong and Typical Reptiles, keyboardist Elisa Montaldo of Il Tempio Delle Clessidre and drummer Mattias Olsson, formerly of Anglagard.

VLY began with UK-based Demata trading music files with singer Gladysz in New York as they worked on demos for the record, called I, across the Atlantic.

Gladysz says: "It was a new way to work. The music and collaborative art I've made always started with people I knew, and creating naturally came out of that understanding.

"That's not the case with VLY. We managed to make an album without ever meeting. There was no gauge or reference point except for the music. It was a total shot in the dark." Read more here.

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Buried In Verona Premiere 'Extraction' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Buried In Verona are premiering their new video exclusively with Metal Hammer, taken from new album Vultures Above, Lions Below. Speaking to Metal Hammer about the Extraction, frontman Brett Anderson says it's about "taking yourself out of a bad or negative situation. It's a journey from feeling suffocated by a situation - depression, alcoholism etc - and getting yourself free of it."

"The clip itself shows the contrast of the white pure room of positivity and the dark negative space with the horrible war footage being projected onto us," he continues. "There is an internal war going on for many people out there, and this song and clip expresses the fight to get out of the dark space and into the light and into a positive state of mind.

"The idea came up when I was explaining the lyrics and concept for the rest of the guys, and we thought the visuals fitted perfectly with the song's meaning and message." Watch the video here.

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Spock's Beard Streaming New Song 'Bennett Built a Time Machine'

Spock's Beard have released a new lyric video for the track "Bennett Built a Time Machine" which comes from their upcoming 12th studio album 'The Oblivion Particle'.

The new album is set for release on August 21st and "Bennett Built a Time Machine" is the band's first studio song to feature drummer Jimmy Keegan on lead vocals, and is also the track that inspired the album's cover art. Watch it here.

The band will be launching their first tour in support of the new album next month. They will kick things off with a European tour that will feature support from Synaesthesia and Special Providence. See the announced dates here.

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Behemoth Added To Bloodstock 2016 Lineup

(TeamRock Radio) After their iconic and festival-defining appearance at Bloodstock in 2012, Behemoth are coming back to Derbyshire as the Friday night special guests in 2016.

And they're just doing any old set, they're playing the masterpiece album The Satanist in full which will no doubt go down in history and raise Beelzebub from his fiery pit and into the grounds of Catton Hall.

Speaking about Bloodstock, frontman Nergal said: "Our Bloodstock performance from 2012 was one of the highlights of our long career. Just thinking about that night gives me shivers and makes me hungry for more. It is with utmost pleasure and honor that we announce our show in 2016!" Watch the announcement video here.

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Van Halen Pay Tribute To NFL Legend Frank Gifford During Concert

(hennemusic) Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth paid tribute to NFL legend and broadcaster Frank Gifford at their concert in Holmdel, NJ on Sunday following his passing that day at the age of 84.

"I want to talk about football today because one of my heroes, Frank Gifford, died today," said Roth during an extended intro to the band's cover of "Ice Cream Man." "Football has everything to do with who I am today and I would not be here without that. I played Pop Warner football religiously from the minute I was able to qualify until - like Menudo - I was too big and they kicked me out.

"I was no good, my enthusiasm far outweighed my abilities, and at least half of what I know I learned from Coach Kelly, Coach Brown, and my Dad was one of the coaches, too."

"I grew up with a poster of Bob Dylan on the wall, there's a picture of Jimi Hendrix on the wall, and there was a picture of Bart Starr, Vince Lombardi and Frank Gifford right next to them," Roth continued. "The Van Halens know what I'm talking about. Every morning, starting in 7th grade, I wanted to be those guys - any of them.

"I'm going to play the rest of this for Frank and everything he stood for. Everything that makes America just super good, baby."

Gifford played 12 seasons for the New York Giants, winning the league's Most Valuable Player Award in 1956 as part of the team's NFL championship. He appeared in eight Pro Bowls at three different positions - running back, defensive back and wide receiver - and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in 1977. Read more and watch video of the tribute here.

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Scale The Summit Streaming New Song 'Kestrel'

Scale The Summit are giving fans another taste of their forthcoming album "V", which is set to be released on September 18th. The band has posted a stream of the track "Kestrel" online.

The band had the following to say about the song, "Kestrel is a really exciting part of the album for us, as it brings out the band's softest moments and most intense moments all in the same song.

"Each instrument slowly builds on one another and keeps escalating toward some serious energy. It's a dynamic shift unlike anything we've really done before. We're super excited to play this one live!" Check out the song here.

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Dirty Thrills Release 'Hourglass' Video

(Classic Rock) Dirty Thrills have released a video for Hourglass, a song they describe as being about "the intensity of fanatical obsession". Hourglass is taken from the band's new EP, Sweetheart Of The Slums, which is released on August 18

"As a band we're known for our high octane live shows, we wanted a video that captured it and with Hourglass we finally have that," say the band. "The live performance is extremely real, the blood, sweat and tears that created the song can really be felt in the video.

"Keir Siewert (director) and Isabelle Bonfrer (actress) captured the obsessive nature of a warped mind, the filming was easy for such talented people, we essentially gave them the space they needed and what came out was incredible." Watch the video here.

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Metal Fans Showcased In New Headbangers Photo Book

(Classic Rock) Danish photographer Jacob Ehrbahn will publish a collection of heavy metal fans rocking out in his new book Headbangers. Due September 29 via PowerHouse Books, the 128-page project captures portraits of fans taken at European metal festivals in 2012 including Denmark's Copenhell, Germany's Wacken Open Air and Sweden's Metaltown.

Powerhouse Books say: "Ehrbahn's camera stops time and captures the surprising and life-affirming moments when the headbangers abandon all semblance of vanity and surrender to the rhythm.

"Ehrbahn transports us to an intimate world disconnected from time and space - a universe where it's possible to transcend the frenzy and enter an altered state that brings calm, joy and relief." Read more here.

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Against The Current Release 'Firepoof' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Against The Current have released a new music video for their track Firepoof. Featured on the band's 2015 6 Gravity EP, it's the third tune issued from the project following the title track and Talk.

Formed in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 2011, the trio of vocalist Chrissy Costanza, guitarist Dan Gow and drummer Will Ferri issued their debut EP, Infinity, in 2014 and recently completed sessions for their full debut album.

Against The Current say: "Our first album is officially done, can't wait to share this with all of you. We hope you love it as much as we do." Watch the new video here.

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Bauda Release 'Dawn Of Ages' Video

(Prog) Bauda have premiered a video for their track Dawn Of Ages with Prog. It's taken from their third album Sporelights, which will launch on October 20 in Europe and November 3 in the US. Frontman Cesar Marquez directed the promo which features his father Ramon.

The singer and guitarist says: "The concept behind Dawn Of Ages is loneliness and how we are trapped in these modern and chaotic societies. It's a song about our routines, about our quotidian, but with the hope of improving 'something' and assuming your own path in this world.

"Dawn of Ages is the last song of the album and it closes its concept with soft, introspective and progressive tunes." Marquez is joined in the Chilean outfit by drummer Nikolas Recabarren and bassist Juan Diaz. Watch the video here.

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Martina Edoff Hitting The Road With Epica, Eluveitie and The Agonist

(Chipster) Having previously worked with a variety of artists (Dr. Alban, E-Type, the Poodles, etc.), singer Martina Edoff is ready to return to where her original musical love - classic hard rock - with the release of her solo debut, 'Unity' on October 16th via Into Records (distributed by Cargo Records), and will embark on a US tour from September 18th through October 3rd on a bill that will feature headliners Epica, as well as Eluveitie and the Agonist.

'Unity' was recorded at the legendary Bohus Sound Studios in Sweden, whose long list of clients since the start 35 years ago includes both ABBA and Status Quo (who recorded their hit album and best-selling single "Rockin' All Over The World" in the same studio).

Martina's producer and sound engineer, Tobias Lindell, has previously recorded, mixed, and produced bands such as Europe, Mustasch, and Hardcore Superstar at Bohus Sound.

Argentina-based fans will get an opportunity to catch a performance by not only Martina, but also by Tarja Turunen as special guest support, at their show in Argentina on the November 14th, at Estadio Malvinas Argentinas. See the tour dates here.

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