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AC/DC Guitarist On Young Family's Musical Heritage

(hennemusic) AC/DC guitarist Stevie Young shares some of his legendary family's musical history while on a break from the group's Rock Or Bust world tour. As Malcolm and Angus Young's nephew, Stevie was brought in to handle rhythm guitars in 2014 for the album and tour following Malcolm's retirement after he was diagnosed with dementia.

"My dad played accordion," says Stevie of the family's shared musical history, "and he had a guitar knocking around in the house and I was always picking it up. I tried the accordion but it was huge.

"I come from a musical family. My dad, in fact, all my brothers played an instrument, to some degree or another, mostly guitars. Parties were always good because there would be non-stop music all night so there was all these instruments around. You picked it up and played it away. There was always people to show you how to get on with it."

Stevie continues to work hard - both on stage and off - as he settles into his full-time role with AC/DC. "I work out stuff all the time; I keep working away," he explains. "Every day I listen and try to find bits that I missed or something that Malcolm did that would help with what's going on in the tunes. I'm not trying to imitate or copy him, but trying to keep the spirit of what he did in the band." Watch the video and read more here.

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Lawyer That Sued Led Zeppelin Suspended Over Conduct

(Classic Rock) Lawyer Francis Malofiy, who led the Stairway To Heaven lawsuit against Led Zeppelin, has been suspended over his conduct in an earlier rights trial. He's been forbidden from practicing for three months and one day as a result of his actions during the 2014 case concerning Usher's track Bad Girl.

The decision comes a week after a California court ruled that Led Zeppelin did not breach the copyright of Spirit track Taurus when they wrote Stairway To Heaven - a position that Malofiy had argued against. He was subject to several admonishments during those proceedings, while Judge Gary Klausner also upheld more than 100 objections against him.

In 2014 a judge ordered him to pay $28,000 in costs after he was found to have misled a co-defendant into signing a document without appropriate advice. Additional concerns had been raised over Malofiy's "unprofessional" and "uncivil" conduct during the trial.

Malofiy argued that he hadn't broken the rules, and that if he had the punishment was too harsh. But this week a three-judge panel upheld the earlier decision. Read more here.

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Video From Guns N' Roses' Kansas City Reunion Show Goes Online

(hennemusic) Guns N' Roses brought their Not In This Lifetime reunion tour to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO on June 29 and video from the show has surfaced online.

The third stop on the summer stadium run across North America delivered a 26-song set of classics and fan favorites from the band's catalog, especially 1987's "Appetite For Destruction" - the biggest-selling debut album of all time with more than 30 million copies sold worldwide.

Led by the trio of Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan, Guns N' Roses also performed covers of tunes by Wings, The Stooges, Derek And The Dominos, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and The Who.

The Not In This Lifetime tour opened in Detroit on June 23 and played Washington, DC on June 26 before hitting Kansas City. Guns N' Roses will next perform the first of two shows at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL on July 1. Check out the videos from the KC show here.

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Latest News

Former Motley Crue Singer Bewildered By Nikki Sixx Attack

(TeamRock Radio) Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi believes Nikki Sixx thinks he's "the biggest piece of sh*t to roam the Earth" - but he has no idea why. He's even spoken to Vince Neil, the man he replaced, about the bassist's recent attack on the 1994 self-titled album he, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee made together.

In April, Sixx described their one record with Corabi as "very unfocused" and "painful," describing the vocalist as lacking "fire." Asked about the comments, Corabi - who'd previously said he didn't care - tells Sleaze Roxx: "For the life of me, I have no idea.

"I was hanging out with Vince. We did a festival together and we were talking. I was like, 'Vince, what the f*** is up Nikki's ass right now? 22 years later he decides it's a very unfocused record, there's no choruses, John Corabi couldn't write and he had to do everything? Where does that come from, Vince?' He laughed - I think he wanted to say something, but he came back with, 'Dude, you know Nikki. Whatever. F*** it!'"

He continues: "Let me be clear. I love that record. I'm very proud of that record. I'm good with Tommy. I'm good with Mick and I'm good with Vince. I have no idea why Nikki feels that I'm the biggest piece of sh*t to roam the Earth." Read more here.

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Paul Simon Hints At Retirement From Music

(Classic Rock) Paul Simon has hinted that he could retire after a farewell tour of Europe, suggesting he's "coming towards the end." The 74-year-old has been performing since he was 13 - rising to fame as part of Simon & Garfunkel in the 60s.

But he says he's found it difficult to keep up with the physical demands of touring and often needs 15 hours of sleep between shows. He tells New York Times: "Showbiz doesn't hold any interest for me. None. It's an act of courage to let go. I am going to see what happens if I let go.

"Then I'm going to see, who am I? Or am I just this person that was defined by what I did? And if that's gone, if you have to make up yourself, who are you?"

Simon says he plans to travel for a year with his composer wife Edie Brickell after scheduling a European farewell tour this autumn. Read more here.

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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 'Wake Up The Sun' Video

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have released a new music video for their track "Wake Up The Sun". The song comes from the group's latest album PersonA.

The video, directed by award winning acclaimed cinematographer Noaz Deshe was filmed just outside Chisanau, the capital of the eastern European country Moldova.

Deshe explains in an interview in Nowness, "you find time stands still [in Moldova]-communism and religion are still the backdrop of an identity not yet conquered by the east or the west. It seems like any minute chain stores will spring up, but for now it is undefined by the powers that be. I was struck by the beauty of an identity not yet overtaken by what has become all-too familiar-the song struck that chord with me." Watch the video here.

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Trivium Release 'Dead And Gone' Live Video

(TeamRock Radio) Trivium have released a live video for their track Dead And Gone. It appears on the band's seventh album Silence In The Snow, which was launched in October.

Guitarist Corey Beauileu recently said of the track: "The main riff of the song has always really grabbed people's attention when they hear it. So I think it's going to be one of those fan-favourite tracks."

The clip features Trivium's latest addition, drummer Paul Wandke, who replaced Mat Madiro last year. The band are currently amassing material for their next album, and they'll play at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest in California in September. Watch the video here.

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Weezer Release New Song Called 'I Love the USA'

(Radio.com) Thanks to NASA's mission to Jupiter, Weezer wrote and released a new song titled "I Love the USA." The spacey song has an interplanetary swirl of keys and a slow, measured beat.

"Ain't that bad a place/ I was born that way/ I bite my fingernails/ Still got bills to pay/ You sure know what to say/ I'll put you in your place/ Land of the free/ I'm on my way," Rivers Cuomo sings in the opening verse.

The chorus builds into anthemic praise of the United States. "I love the USA/ I love USA/ F- yeah, this place is great/ I love the USA," he sings. It's a pretty straightforward cheer.

Weezer released their newest LP The White Album in April, but this song does not appear on that project. It's a stand-alone track meant to celebrate the American spirit in its quest for spatial glory. Read more and listen to "I Love the USA" here.

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Metallica 'Beyond Thrilled' Be Part Of Fashion Campaign

(hennemusic) Metallica have become the face of a new campaign by Italian luxury menswear Brioni. The campaign sees a pair of Queen-inspired shots alongside individual portraits, which have been released ahead of O'Shea's first show for Brioni, to be staged on July 4 during Paris couture week, according to The Business Of Fashion.

"We are beyond thrilled to have been invited to be the face of Italian luxury menswear powerhouse Brioni as they kick off their first creative campaign under the direction of newly appointed creative director, über cool style star Justin O'Shea," says the band.

"The black and white Queen 'Bohemian Rhapsody' inspired photos were shot last month in San Francisco by photographer Zackery Michael. We're sporting Bespoke Brioni suits and tuxedos as well as sunglasses from their new eyewear collection." Read more here.

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Van Morrison Announces New Album 'Keep Me Singing'

(The Blues) Van Morrison has announced that he'll release his 36th studio album later this year. His new effort, entitled Keep Me Singing, will be released on September 30th.

The album features 13 tracks - 12 original songs along with a cover of Alfred Baggs and Don Robey's blues classic Share Your Love With Me, which has previously been recorded by artists including Aretha Franklin and Kenny Rogers.

Closing track Caledonia Swing takes the form of an instrumental and feature Morrison on piano and saxophone. In addition, Morrison has announced a run of six live dates across the UK this November. See the dates along with that album track details and full size cover art here.

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Apple May Soon Be Able To Disable iPhone Recordings At Concerts

(TeamRock Radio) Apple has been granted a patent which could temporarily disable iPhone cameras at gigs. The technology giant first applied for the patent in 2011 and it was granted this week by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

According to 9to5Mac, the technology has the potential to block an iPhone from recording video or taking a photograph via an infrared signal within a certain range - such as at a concert or in a cinema.

The patent paperwork reads: "An infrared emitter can be located in areas where picture or video capture is prohibited, and the emitter can generate infrared signals with encoded data that includes commands to disable the recording functions of devices." Read more here.

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Hello, Goodbye: The Beatles in Tokyo, 1966 Book Coming This Fall

Genesis Publications will release "Hello, Goodbye: The Beatles in Tokyo, 1966" in November. We were sent the following details about the forthcoming photo book.

For the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' 1966 Tokyo concerts, Genesis Publications announces a book of rare photos of the trip. Taken by Japanese photographer Shimpei Asai, these pictures have never before been published outside Japan.

In 1966 The Beatles embarked on their last tour, playing concerts in seven cities over the course of four months, beginning in London and ending in San Francisco. Millions of fans in England, Germany, Japan, the Philippines and America flocked to see the band.

On June 29th 1966, The Beatles arrived in Tokyo to play five shows to sold-out crowds at the legendary Nippon Budokan. Built to commemorate the lives of Japan's lost soldiers and a hallowed centre of Japanese culture, the venue had previously been reserved for traditional Japanese entertainment including sumo wrestling.

As the first rock act to perform at the Budokan The Beatles faced controversy and protest - as well as causing excitement - with many objecting to a concert at the traditional venue. Following the success of The Beatles' Tokyo concerts, however, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Led Zepplin and others also visited the Budokan, which is now an internationally recognized music venue.

A few days after taking to the stage to play their first concert in Tokyo, The Beatles are said to have sent a telegram to EMI with their new LP title: Revolver. This album would come to mark a shift of focus away from touring and towards more complex recording work - an important time of change for the band.

This fleeting stay in Tokyo, with its controversy, Beatlemania, and creativity, is captured in a new book of photographs taken by Japanese photographer Shimpei Asai, and published by Genesis Publications, entitled Hello Goodbye: The Beatles in Tokyo, 1966.

Asai is the only Japanese photographer to have been given official access to The Beatles in Tokyo, and his photos have remained unknown to most outside Japan. They offer an intimate portrait of The Beatles in their first trip to the country, capturing their time on and off stage: performing, painting and experimenting with traditional Japanese instruments.

Hello, Goodbye: The Beatles in Tokyo, 1966 is an opportunity to gain a new insight into an intriguing moment in The Beatles' history. A limited edition, beautifully bound and printed, it is being published in the same year that Genesis reaches its 100th edition. Hello, Goodbye is a celebration of both the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' visit to Tokyo, and Genesis' long career publishing collectors' music, photography and art books. Visit the book's official website here.

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The Cult's Billy Duffy TV Special Airs This Week

The Cult's acclaimed guitarist Billy Duffy will be the subject of an Audience Network special tonight (July 1st) entitled "Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone 'Billy Duffy'"/

The show will air at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT (DIRECTV Ch 239/U-verse Ch 1114). We were sent the following details: The celebrated guitar player and co-songwriter for the platinum-selling rock group The Cult is interviewed for the documentary series.

In the episode, Duffy covers a wide variety of from his early goals, why he considers "finding your own sound" to be the most important pursuit as well as the transformational effect The Sex Pistols had on him after seeing the legendary group perform in Manchester, U.K. and much more.

The Cult will head out for a North American tour starting July 8 that encompasses headlining shows, festival appearances and dates with Guns N' Roses. See the dates here.

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All Hail The Yeti Announce Haunted & Damaged Tour

All Hail The Yeti have announced that they will be hitting the road at the end of July for the "Haunted & Damaged" North American headline tour with special guests Final Drive.

The tour will begin in Tempe, AZ on July 29th and hit 22 cities before coming to an end in Salt Lake City, UT on August 26th. See below for a full listing of tour dates.

Vocalist Connor Garritty had the following tosay, "We are very excited to be back on the road doing what we love. It's been a while but we want to thank all our fans for being so patient. You will not be disappointed!

"We signed up Final Drive from St. Louis to directly support us every night. They are a great band with tons of energy! We hope to see all of our followers out there - the storm is coming! HAIL!" See the dates here.

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Genesis In The Studio For Abacab and Invisible Touch Anniversaries

(ITS) The latest episode of the syndicated radio show In The Studio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands celebrates the 30th and 35th anniversaries, respectively, of two classic '80s Genesis albums, Abacab and Invisible Touch (16 million sales worldwide), from international superstars with Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks.

Between 1980 and 1986, the British trio Genesis released a series of four consecutive hit albums, each more successful than its predecessor by as many as five times! Because drummer, singer, songwriter Phil Collins had a parallel solo career take off during that time, revisiting the critical reviews from many respected music writers in this period assumed that Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford and keyboardist Tony Banks unwittingly (if not unwillingly) were somehow led by Collins in a more mainstream pop direction. But as you will hear in this radio program, that was not necessarily the case.

InTheStudio producer and host Redbeard gets the final word from all three members about this remarkable period in Genesis band history that produced hits "Abacab", "No Reply at All", "Man on the Corner", "Throwing It All Away", "Land Of Confusion", "Invisible Touch", "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" and "In Too Deep".

"What we used to do was actually a wonderful cop out...because you do these long songs, and it means you take a small piece of music, one or two minutes. If you're doing a long piece, you just play it for one or two minutes and then segue to something else. You haven't got to develop it into a song, which is actually much harder." - Mike Rutherford

"You're always going to lose fans, because they like the surreal sci-fi approach we used to have. But as we change and the audience changes, you hope you take people with you. Maybe we were never a progressive rock group." - Phil Collins

"I've always found it difficult to express a genuine feeling through a song. And I tended to always hide through the third person." - Tony Banks

Stream the episode here.

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Marillion Reveal FEAR Album Details

(Prog) Marillion have revealed the final tracklist for their upcoming 18th album FEAR (F*** Everyone And Run). It'll feature 17 pieces of music split over five tracks, with the follow-up to 2012's Sounds That Can Be Made out on September 23.

The band previously said the track New Kings looked at "the ravening beast that capitalism seems to have evolved into," El Dorado "examined the notion of political entitlement," and The Leavers, which "examines the impact of life on the road for those constantly waving goodbye."

Ealier this month, frontman Steve Hogarth explained the thinking behind the album title, saying they're not trying to offend people needlessly. He said: "We've used 'FEAR' as a title with some relish, but only as it shows we haven't shied away.

"It's said with sadness. There are two basic impulses behind human behavior - love and fear. All the good stuff comes from love." See the full tracklisting here.

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Wolfmother Added To Guns N' Roses Reunion Shows

(hennemusic) Guns N' Roses have added Australian rockers Wolfmother as openers for a pair of upcoming shows on their Not In This Lifetime tour. The band will join Axl Rose and company for performances at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA on July 12 and Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA on July 14.

Wolfmother are on the road in support of their latest album, "Victorious." Produced by Brendan O'Brien, the project sees sole original member vocalist/guitarist Andrew Stockdale record the band's fourth record and follow-up to 2014's "New Crown."

Nashville, TN outfit Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown have also been confirmed to open the reunited Guns N' Roses July 6 date at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH. The group recently joined Axl Rose and AC/DC on their spring run across Europe. See the tour dates here.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith Jams With Street Performers

(Classic Rock) Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith has been filmed playing along with street performers in London. The stunt is part of an upcoming photo shoot with Rhythm Magazine and shows the sticksman playing a snare drum beside a human statue, before he gets behind the kit for a performance with a flamenco guitarist.

He later posted a picture on Facebook showing him surrounded by dozens of pigeons in the city. The band released their latest album The Getaway earlier this month.

Bassist Flea also recently revealed he thought his playing days were over when he broke his arm in five places while snowboarding with Metallica's Lars Ulrich. Check out video of the street jam here.

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Suicidal Tendencies Frontman Reveals New Album Title

(TeamRock Radio) Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir has revealed the band's upcoming 12th album will be titled The World Gone Mad. The follow-up to 2013's 13 will feature former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and is expected to be released on September 30.

Lombardo has been playing with the band since February. Suicidal Tendencies shared a clip of Lombardo tracking drums in the studio last month. Muir tells Clarin: "Dave has recorded with us, the album is called The World Gone Mad."

Lombardo recently told Metal Wani: "I think it's very typical and very traditional Suicidal Tendencies. Our frontman Mike Muir has a very special style in which he writes his music and his lyrics and his structures. And I love it.

"It takes me back to how it all started, which was that punk attitude. I'm very happy to be a part of his organization." See their upcoming tour dates here.

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It's Fine To Let Toddlers Listen To Heavy Metal

(TeamRock Radio) It is "fine" to allow toddlers to listen to rock and metal music, according to Wired's Mr Know It All. There is zero evidence that one genre of music helps a child's brain develop more than another - though the greatest benefit of music come from learning to play an instrument, not just listening to it.

Mr Know It All says: "As long as you keep your kid from seeing the Houses Of The Holy cover art, her brain will be just fine. There's exactly zero evidence that one kind of music helps cognitive development more than any other.

"Plus, the supposed benefits of music come from learning to play an instrument - not just kicking back and admiring John Bonham's drum solo in Moby Dick.

He says that toddler-specific music works because of easy-to-learn lyrics and catchy melodies - which can lead to a deeper appreciation for music as the child grows older.

He adds: "If your tyke digs the Kitty Pap more than Physical Graffiti - suck it up. A little Wiggles now may pain your ears, but it could mean a Whole Lotta Love for the better stuff down the line.

"I certainly agree that Do The Monkey by The Wiggles belongs right next to the Barney and Elmo theme songs on Volume One of Beelzebub's Greatest Hits, but don't forget the first tenet of parenthood - it's not about you." Watch the video here.

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