Glen Campbell Classic Becomes 'Rhinestone Cowgirl'


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Glen Campbell Classic Becomes 'Rhinestone Cowgirl'

(AAPR) Stephanie Urbina Jones & The Honky Tonk Mariachi bring an exciting new meaning, sound, and lyrical twist to a classic country song with "Rhinestone Cowgirl." Listen here. Built on a near-symphonic arrangement of soaring violins, exultant trumpets, vihuela, and heavenly harp, "Rhinestone Cowgirl" emerges as a powerful account of overcoming the odds on the way to unfettered glory.

A triumphant update of Glen Campbell's iconic "Rhinestone Cowboy" (with a blessing from songwriter Larry Weiss on the cover's gender flip), the first single is on her upcoming album, Manuel's Destiny, to be released this fall. Produced by Urbina Jones and Preston Sullivan, the song is a duet with the powerful vocalist, a member of the Grammy-winning group The Time Jumpers, and runner-up on The Voice, Wendy Moten, on an inspired track and video that encourages everyone to pursue their dreams.

The song inspired the 1984 movie, Rhinestone, which starred Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton, and included Parton's version of the song. Having two women of color now record this country classic represents the growing diversity in Americana and country music.

"Stephanie and Wendy's recording of 'Rhinestone Cowgirl' opens the doors directly to women with the same message, and to their cultural communities all over the world," Weiss says.

Urbina Jones, a San Antonio native, has received international acclaim for her unique musical fusion she calls Honky Tonk Mariachi, which blends the sounds and culture of her Hispanic and American heritage with country and Americana music. "Marrying country songs to Latin rhythms and mariachi horns is an idea that should have been hatched years ago," wrote Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine.

"Both Wendy and I have been relentless in becoming who we were destined to be," says Urbina Jones. "The fact that a Hispanic and a Black woman are stepping into this moment and singing this classic song together is incredibly meaningful to me-we're representing dreamers of all ages, from all backgrounds, and hopefully encouraging them to bravely answer the calling of their own hearts."

A few years ago, Urbina Jones interviewed Moten for her podcast, The Dreamers Road. "There was this magic between us," Urbina Jones says. "I wanted Wendy to join me on this song because of her heart, because of her inner and outer radiant beauty, and faith. She is quite literally a star from the inside out."

Moten was thrilled to receive Jones' invitation. "The fact that the songwriter gave Stephanie permission to change the gender was amazing. I am so happy to be a part of this venture. She already had an amazing foundation recorded, and it was so easy to just add my part.

"The feel of the song remained classic and timeless, and having The Honky Tonk Mariachi added another beautiful layer to this already historic song. The mariachi is the secret weapon!" exclaimed Moten.

Dan Rogers, Vice President/Executive Producer of the Grand Ole Opry, says, "Listening to Stephanie and Wendy collaborating on 'Rhinestone Cowgirl' on the Opry, I was amazed both by how things have changed since then, and also by how much has stayed the same. One thing they've proven is unchanged-when the right singer finds the right song, everybody wins. I'll bet Stephanie and Wendy are getting cards and letters from people they don't even know...with offers coming over the phone."

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Glen Campbell Classic Becomes 'Rhinestone Cowgirl'

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