Madds Buckley Delivers 'My Love Is Sick'


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Madds Buckley Delivers 'My Love Is Sick'

(BPM) Nashville-based singer-songwriter Madds Buckley is thrilled to share her new album, My Love is Sick, out now. Featuring recent singles "DogBird" and "My Love is Sick", the record explores themes of love, self-doubt, and self-discovery through the lens of two characters and their relationship.

"There's an overarching theme in My Love is Sick of framing yourself as something wrong, unworthy, or twisted: the wanting victim, the weed amongst flowers, the sinner in the pews, or the unknowing villain of your own story." Buckley shares. "Sometimes your past and the people you love leave you with a warped sense of self, and whether it's accurate or not is up to you to find out."

"While the vast majority of these songs are not about me directly, they still carry the pain, the fear, and the joy that's come with accepting myself as I am 23 years in; a queer person learning to love."

Madds is celebrating her new album My Love is Sick with special album release shows this weekend in New York and Somerville (Boston).

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Madds Buckley Delivers 'My Love Is Sick'

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