Creed Fisher Releasing This Ain't The Hamptons Next Week


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Creed Fisher Releasing This Ain't The Hamptons Next Week

(JWA) American outlaw country singer-songwriter and recording artist Creed Fisher is readying for the release of his 13th studio album, This Ain't The Hamptons, due out on September 08 by Dirt Rock Empire.

With four of the album's twelve tracks having been released as singles throughout 2023, the new record finds Fisher delivering thematic diversity of self-reflective gems in varying styles of traditional country, honky-tonk & southern rock, highlighted by Fisher's undeniable and charismatic outlaw persona, and primarily resorting to a three chords and the truth mentality to songwriting. This Ain't The Hamptons was produced by Creed himself, along with Bart Rose, and Josh Rodgers in the iconic Fort Worth Sound studio in Fort Worth, Texas.

"I think my creative process is always a little different from album to album," said Creed. "I've put out so much music that I just kind of get a vibe for what I'm going for as far as the theme goes and build out from there. With this album it was obviously a working class kind of vibe, much like my Life of a Workin' Man album."

Creed cites songs on the album like "Lowdown & Lonesome," "Hank Williams," & "One of 'Em" as odes for the blue collar Americans and revealing the good, bad and unfortunate truths of being a full time touring artist.

"For me personally, I always do things a little differently that go against the grain, if you will, which you'll hear on this album," Creed continued. "Some of these songs go back as far back as 12 years ago. I've just been sitting with them and purposefully kept them on the back burner waiting for the right project for them to fit into."

This Ain't The Hamptons also gives the Creed Fisher name a face lift as he levels up his branding and marketing, putting his permanent stamp onto the industry as an up and coming country music star whose authenticity can't be ignored.

"Plus, this is the first time I've ever put out one of my albums on vinyl, so I'm really looking forward to that and for fans to have a piece of Creed Fisher history they can hold onto and pass down to the younger generations."

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Creed Fisher Releasing This Ain't The Hamptons Next Week

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