Beharie Shares New Song 'We Never Know'


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Beharie Shares New Song 'We Never Know'

(BHM) Norwegian alternative R&B-soul singer-songwriter Beharie shares the smooth, dreamy track and lyric video "We Never Knew" out everywhere now. The track's ethereal production captures the mixed emotions that come with a relationship ending quicker than it was supposed to.

Beharie's rich, layered debut album Are You There, Boy? is due out October 20 and is available for pre-order now. Alongside the new release, Beharie announces a lengthy tour across Northern and Western Europe as well as a stop in London, UK.

Out today, the soulful "We Never Knew" looks back at a relationship that was thought to last forever. Painting the picture for its overall theme, Beharie says, "In the heat of it all. When you lose yourself in it. How things made sense, and how the bad things were ignored. But little did we know that we would end up being strangers."

The forthcoming bright, wistful album Are You There, Boy? meets Beharie where he is today and invites listeners into a brand new, carefully curated sonic world. Through vibrant melodies and delicate, smooth vocals, the artist explores nuanced themes of love, self-doubt, desire, longing and pain with his heart on his sleeve. Over 12 soulful, heartfelt tracks, the project follows a multi-faceted character who seeks meaningful connections, follows his curiosity where it takes him, and ultimately discovers more of himself. Exploring the ever-changing, versatile aspects of his own humanity and identity, the album showcases his growth, insecurities, passions and complexities.

Beharie explains, "This album has given me the opportunity to delve into various aspects of my own identity, and in the process, I have explored the complexity inherent in my personality and expression." On the aforementioned characters presented throughout, Beharie continues, "We have nurtured different characters and played with their distinct expressions. These characters have been assigned unique names: Washed-out jeans boy, float in space boy, constant fear boy, make believe boy, and lost in thought boy." Each of these characters represents fragments of Beharie's soul and essence - all in search of a sense of belonging.

The album features collaborations by two rising singer-songwriters -- Uly based in Dublin and Judy Blank based in The Netherlands. It was mastered by Guy Davie (Michael Kiwanuka) at Electric Mastering in London, UK.

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Beharie Shares New Song 'We Never Know'

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