Melanie Martinez Reveals Plans for a Documentary on The Spout Podcast


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Melanie Martinez Reveals Plans for a Documentary on The Spout Podcast

(LE) Renowned singer, songwriter and former The Voice contestant Melanie Martinez took center stage on the latest episode of The Spout Podcast with host Erik Zachary, offering an exclusive peek into her creative process and the evolution of her beloved Cry Baby trilogy. The engaging conversation unveiled Martinez's insights into her music, her challenges, and her exciting upcoming projects. Listen to the full interview on The Spout Podcast HERE.
"I love planning things in advance because it helps me evolve my concept for visuals and stuff if I have that background of a storyline," Martinez shares on the podcast, giving fans a glimpse into her meticulous creative approach. She goes on to admit, "I even have my next four albums planned," hinting at the depth of her visionary storytelling.

Martinez further elaborates on the intricacies of her creative process, explaining, "Even though I'll have the concept and the general understanding of the theme and what it's about, it still takes me, like, four years, at this point, it seems like, I mean, that is what it's been. Each album has taken at least four years, it seems."

In the midst of discussing her evolution, Martinez also shares her revelation about her upcoming documentary plans. "I am trying to create some sort of documentary-style thing where I can show the real process behind how everything is created," Martinez reveals. "Because it's fun for me but no one really knows how it's made." This upcoming documentary promises to provide a unique behind-the-scenes look at Martinez's creative process, offering fans an unprecedented opportunity to witness the magic behind her music.

Host Erik Zachary skillfully guides the conversation, delving into the depths of Martinez's artistry and allowing listeners to connect with the artist on a personal level. From her humble beginnings to her meteoric rise in the music industry, the episode captures Martinez's essence and provides a window into the world that has inspired her music.

Martinez's advice to creators is both inspiring and practical: "I always say, like, creativity really thrives with limitation." Her words serve as a testament to her own creative journey, emphasizing the power of pushing boundaries while embracing constraints.

Listen to the full interview with MELANIE MARTINEZ on The Spout Podcast NOW. The Spout Podcast can be heard on Spotify, Google, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, or any other major podcasting platform.

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