Catie Offerman Recruits Hayes Carll For 'Ask Me To Dance'


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(UMG) MCA Nashville's Catie Offerman released a new song today, "Ask Me To Dance," featuring singer-songwriter and fellow Texas native, Hayes Carll. Written by Offerman, Brent Cobb and Neil Medley, the song was produced by Dann Huff.

After rescheduling their writing sessions multiple times, Offerman, Cobb and Medley eventually got together and started working on another song, but it wasn't working. Under the backdrop of a sunset and some beer, the idea of "Ask Me To Dance" was suggested. Offerman says the song fell out "pretty naturally."

"I love listening back to the work tape - it's the best kind of laid back, and it reminds me of a Texas dancehall at closing time," said Offerman. "When we started talking about the song going on my (upcoming) project, I immediately thought of Hayes. He's one of my favorite singer-songwriters and one of my favorite Texans. I am so grateful that he said yes to being a part of this song."

"Catie is so ridiculously talented, and I loved the wit and playfulness of this song, so when she asked if I would sing on it with her, I said yes straight away," added Carll. "We had a lot of fun recording the song and I think it shows in the way it turned out."

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Catie Offerman Recruits Hayes Carll For 'Ask Me To Dance'

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