Chase Rice Launches 10-Part Online Documentary Series


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Chase Rice Video still
Video still

(EBM) With February's release of his fourth studio album, I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell, Diamond-certified songwriter Chase Rice re-introduced himself to fans and critics alike, earning early praise for the standout project offering 13 tracks - all of which feature Rice as a songwriter, including three solo writes.

Building on living room songwriting sessions centered around just his acoustic guitar, Rice took the same approach into the recording process with producer Oscar Charles. Forgoing a traditional studio, Rice and Charles turned his rural home into their 24/7 workspace, bringing in a live band with no click track to capture a rugged, authentic sound over the course of an immersive two-week session - all of which was captured on camera for fans to now witness.

With 10 episodes directed by Kaiser Cunningham releasing in installments each Tuesday - beginning with episodes one through three this week - fans will have access to never-before-seen footage that shows Rice crafting what the Tennessean praises as his "best album yet," noting that despite "a glass ceiling both he and the industry had imposed on his career, he's clearly blasted through that impediment" and even remarking of standout track "Bench Seat," "the touching country ballad could be, by the end of 2023, one of the surprise candidates for Song of the Year." Watch the intro below and the first three episodes here.

PopCulture asserts that the project is already "the best country album of the year... and everybody's got to live up to it," remarking of the recording process now revealed on camera that instead of following the traditional "if it's not broke don't fix it" approach, "Rice and his team, somehow, simultaneously broke it AND fixed it - both on purpose."

Cowboys & Indians further celebrates I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell for its "risk-taking and rule breaking approach," proclaiming, "that gamble has paid off handsomely, resulting in vulnerable and personal music." Billboard agrees, noting the album "refines his artistic voice," creating an offering that is "still propulsive with arena-ready moments, but is laced with deeper, more introspective themes."

With all 13 songs on the album featured in the setlist on his Way Down Yonder Tour, gracing sold-out venues across the country, Rice has also delivered summer anthem "Bad Day To Be A Cold Beer" as the lead single impacting Country radio now. For all the latest news on his music as well as upcoming tour dates, visit ChaseRice.com and follow Rice on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok @ChaseRiceMusic and on Instagram @ChaseRice.

I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell Track List
Produced by Oscar Charles, Songwriters in Parentheses
Walk That Easy (Chase Rice, William Reames, Barton Davies, Jonathan Sherwood, Oscar Charles)
All Dogs Go To Hell (Chase Rice, Joshua Miller, John Byron)
Way Down Yonder (Chase Rice, Hunter Phelps, John Byron, Blake Pendergrass, Corey Crowder)
Key West & Colorado (Chase Rice, Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Blake Pendergrass, John Byron, Hunter Phelps)
Bench Seat (Chase Rice)
Life Part Of Livin' (Chase Rice)
Bad Day To Be A Cold Beer (Chase Rice, Blake Pendergrass, John Byron, Justin Thomas)
Oklahoma feat. Read Southall Band (Chase Rice, William Reames, Barton Davies, Jonathan Sherwood, Oscar Charles, Read Southall)
I Walk Alone (Chase Rice, Jaxson Free, Josh Hoge)
Sorry Momma (Chase Rice, Hunter Phelps, Ben Johnson)
If I Were Rock & Roll (Album Version) (Chase Rice)
Goodnight Nancy feat. Boy Named Banjo (Chase Rice, Oscar Charles, Barton Davies, William Reames, Jonathan Sherwood)
I Hate Cowboys (Chase Rice, Michael Hardy, Ross Copperman, Brad Tursi)

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