David Tucker Releases 'What You Think About This Song' Video


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David Tucker Single art
Single art

(117) Country singer/songwriter David Tucker continues his inspiring return from a lengthy career hiatus with the release of his latest single, "What You Think About This Song," and the track's accompanying music video, available everywhere now.

Written with Nathan Chapman and Jake Saghi, "What You Think About This Song" explores a situation that is relatable for many - trying to figure out where you really stand with a friend for whom you've developed something deeper.

The single leaves no doubt that Tucker is back on track artistically after having to press pause on both his career and life, showcasing the poignant lyrics and unabashed vulnerability that have come to define his songwriting. It tells the story of Tucker's decision to share a new song he's written about a woman who has captured his heart with the very woman herself, which becomes a unique opportunity to finally reveal his true feelings to her in the hopes they will be reciprocated.

It's a song about a guy and a girl who are just friends
She rocks his world but he ain't even told her
How he feels inside when it's late at night
And she's leaning on his shoulder
He keeps waiting and waiting to tell her
But he's afraid he'll wait too long
So let me hit play and you just let me know
What you think about this song

"The unknown is a tough spot to be in when it comes to matters of the heart, but to emerge from that you really have to be willing to take a chance and open yourself up," says Tucker. "The story here ends 'happily ever after' and while that's not always going to be the case, I think it's always worth putting yourself out there for someone special no matter how daunting it may seem."

"The songs Nathan has written and produced make up so much of what I grew up listening to, so to be able to bring this one to life with both he and Jake was an absolute blast," Tucker adds.

Tucker has proven adept at crafting compelling music videos that match the feel of his music and the video for "What You Think About This Song" is no different. It blends shots of Tucker thoughtfully jotting down lyrics behind the soundboard of a recording studio with tender scenes of Tucker and the woman he hopes to make more than a friend at a roller rink and alongside a picturesque lake, and culminates with a happy ending that confirms he made the right choice in sharing his song - and feelings - with her.

Following a serious car accident that nearly cost him his life last year, Tucker re-emerged with the March release of "Water It Down," which chronicles the harrowing wreck and the challenges of his subsequent recovery. "What Do You Think About This Song" is the second of several singles Tucker will roll out this year before the release of an EP this Fall.

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