grandma Delivers 'Painless' New Single


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grandma Delivers 'Painless' New Single

(Atlantic) Alternative singer-songwriter/producer grandma has shared his incandescent new single, "Painless," available now via Atlantic Records at all DSPs and streaming services.

"In 'Painless,' I've tried to capture the complexities of intimacy and heartbreak," says grandma, "weaving them into a 90s indie rock tapestry. It's a reflection on how we can dance through the pain, finding solace in the synchronicities that drive two people to love and separation."

"Painless" marks grandma's first new release since last year's weirdly wonderful sophomore EP Angelhood, available now for streaming and download. The project - which sees grandma once again walking the tightrope between experimental stylings and shimmering alt-pop perfection - includes such standout tracks as "soft-glow," "God Hired You To Be My Baby," "I Met God Online" and "Blue Atlanta," all accompanied by inventive music videos streaming now at YouTube. Grandma recently brought these songs and more to the live stage, on tour with alt pop duo Coco & Clair Clair.

Angelhood was met by applause from such outlets as Lyrical Lemonade, which praised its "unique sound and even more elaborate, abstract, and complex narratives that dive into topics such as spirituality, modernisms, and profound takes on day to day experiences," adding, "If you have an open mind and look forward to people who push the envelope and inject creativity into their craft, though, grandma is the first musician you should turn to."

The name grandma seems at first unbefitting of multi-instrumentalist/producer Liam Hall, yet his music gives us a few hints as to his unexpectedly pleasant grandmaternal ways. His lyricism is defined by cryptic aphorisms and somewhat deranged storytelling. Inquiries into spirituality and digital life are woven throughout, like whispers of an existential crisis accelerated by the relentlessness of time.

Central to Hall's narrative is his hometown of Atlanta, a city whose home-grown genres like country, alternative rock, and trap all find a place in grandma's sonic lexicon. While maintaining his penchant for skillful instrumentation, it seems Hall has escaped the irresistible call of nostalgia that defined his last project, 2019's funk-infused Even If We Don't Get It Together, and instead embraced the uncertainty of the future with vulnerability and sincerity in his latest EP, Angelhood.

Having collaborated with artists across a variety of genres including Rico Nasty, WILLOW, ericdoa, SoFaygo, YUNGBLUD, and JID, Hall continues to innovate his creative and original sound.

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