Peytan Porter Releases 'God's Hotel' Visualizer Video


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Peytan Porter News Single art July 30, 2023
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(The GreenRoom) Following up the acclaimed success of 2021's "Therapy" and her 2022 EP, In My Head, emerging singer-songwriter Peytan Porter checks into a new creative chapter with "God's Hotel."

Marking the first taste of a lane-shifting project, the new single was co-written by Porter, Faren Rachels and Jeff Garrison and produced by Greg Bates. The track arrives in tribute to her artistic journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. Featuring a darker, after-midnight sound fusing country roots, classic rock and bluesy soul, the tune plays off the well-known reward supposedly awaiting the faithful in the afterlife - a mansion on the golden streets of Heaven ... but only for those who fall in line.

Hitting close to home for the Georgia native, its sepia-toned heartland soul is like a soundtrack for coming to terms with oneself, and ultimately deciding to live authentically. A rebellious roots rocker with a composed and confident vocal, the track now helps Porter begin a brave new era.

"'God's Hotel' is a song that I wrote and felt very personally," she explains. "I grew up in the church and moved to Nashville wanting to be a worship leader, and then went to a Christian college here. But the closer I got to the religious side of church, the less I liked who I became - so I kind of had to reset. When we wrote 'God's Hotel,' it was a thought that I was too scared to say at the time. The song is a bit of a metaphor for my faith. I don't want a perfect mansion in heaven. I want a hotel because I like to travel, play music for a living, and live a life that is authentic to me."

First signed as a singer songwriter in 2021, Porter broke out with the acclaimed debut single "Therapy," racking up more than five million streams and ultimately leading to the 2022 EP, In My Head. Also featuring tracks like "Why We Broke Up" and "First Stone," the project has now accumulated over ten million streams - but after spending her first year on the road, Porter's vision has continued to evolve.

Aligning her studio work with what fans hear from the stage, her new project will embrace a looser-fitting Americana style, while also digging deeper into Porter's identity.

"I feel like I'm letting it all out there and not apologizing for who I am anymore, and not watering down all of the colors of who I am," Porter says. "It is a very isolating and challenging, and also freeing journey that I've chosen for myself, and that I've been fortunate to be on. But it's time to step into this and be more transparent with the way I think and see the world. It's definitely a coming of age."

In addition to her new music, Porter's coming of age will continue on the road, with a series of festival appearances all across the nation.

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