Atreyu Share New Song To Announce Final Installment Of Three-Part EP Series


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Atreyu Share New Song To Announce Final Installment Of Three-Part EP Series

(The Syndicate) Atreyu announces the final installment of their three-part EP series, A Torch In The Dark EP due November 3 leading into The Beautiful Dark of Life album out in December via Spinefarm.

Today, the band releases, "(i)." If you can't remember where you came from, can you truly know who you are? Frontman, Brandon Saller wrestles with this idea, and on "(i)," he examines his own perplexing inability to remember anything of note from his childhood.

A Torch In The Dark EP continues the journey set by The Hope of a Spark EP and The Moment You Find Your Flame EP leading into The Beautiful Dark of Life which is a culmination of all three representing pieces of a puzzle, collectively amounting to something far greater.

This EP is about self-discovery, finding your purpose and confidence, and your future again. A victory through the shadows and conquering the darkness - for now. "Many people remember these moments and experiences that shaped who they are in very formative years," he says. "But for me, that period of my life is one big void. There are things about me as a person and things I do to this day that I don't like, but I don't understand why."

"We draw strength from each other and give each other the space and support to be the best, most creative person we can be," guitarist, Dan Jacobs explains. "And together, right now, that makes us the best band we've ever been."

"Everything that we have put out to this point has built up to this moment," concluded Jacobs. "Something special is happening with ATREYU right now. We can feel the creativity and collaboration when the five of us get in the studio. We can feel the confidence we all give each other when we stand on stage together. And we can see it in the audience when they're losing their minds. They're having as good a time as we are ourselves."

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