Bruce Dickinson Says The Mandrake Project In Music And Much More

10/11/2023 03:23 PM EDT

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Bruce Dickinson Says The Mandrake Project In Music And Much More

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson teased in a new video message to fans that his forthcoming "The Mandrake Project" will be music, but also "much, much more."

In a new online video entitled "What Is The Mandrake Project?", Bruce shared, "So, everybody, everybody on the planet who's been going, 'Oh my god. What's this solo thing gonna be all about when it finally happens?'

He then said, "Well, it's finally happening. It's called 'The Mandrake Project', and' of course, it's music. But, it's also much, much, more. More than that, I'm not gonna reveal for now, 'cause it will become self-explanatory and self-evident as we go through and reveal more layers of the onion for you all."

Dickinson further explained, "We've been working on this since 2014, when it wasn't called 'The Mandrake Project'. And it's had time to grow and mature. And, oh my God, has it ever. I think you will be really, really excited. And, I hope you love everything that we've created for you."

The project is set to be released by BMG early next year and find Dickinson reuniting with producer Roy "Z" Ramirez. Bruce previously said of the project, "This album has been a very personal journey for me and I am extremely proud of it. Roy Z and I have been planning, writing and recording it for years, and I am very excited for people to finally hear it.

"I'm even more excited at the prospect of getting out on the road with this amazing band that we have put together, to be able to bring it to life. We're planning to play as many shows as we can in as many places as possible, for as many people as we can! As for what 'The Mandrake Project' actually is... all will be revealed soon!"

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