Stryper's Michael Sweet To Undergo Cancer Surgery

Keavin Wiggins | 10-25-2023

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Stryper's Michael Sweet To Undergo Cancer Surgery

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet took to social media to share the bad news that he will be undergoing surgery in December to remove part of his thyroid after a "slow growing cancer" discovered.

Sweet shared via Instagram, "Hello my friends, I wanted to give you all an update on my eyes and my thyroid. First, my eyes are actually doing fairly well right now. My right eye is still attached (after 2 detachments and 4 surgeries) and although there is still some retinal swelling, I'm very thankful that I did not lose my vision in that eye.

"They will continue to observe both eyes (my left eye has two tears and lots of floaters) and I do feel that I have been blessed to be able to retain vision at this point [prayer emoji]

"Regarding my thyroid nodules, unfortunately my left side was biopsied and came back 95% suspicious of cancer. Because I'm a singer, my local doctor recommend that I see a specialist since the risk of vocal nerve damage is at a higher risk during a thyroidectomy.

"I met with a specialist in Boston who basically wrote the book on this type of procedure and is able to monitor the vocal nerve to lower the risk of nerve damage. It appears to be a slow growing cancer and at this point, he is recommending removing the left side of my thyroid. Although the right side has a nodule as well, it is however a little smaller in size and they will continue to monitor that. Removing only one side of my thyroid will allow for me to most likely not have to take any type of thyroid hormone medication, and I should be able to get back to a regular quality of life relatively quickly.

"Once the cancer is removed, they will be able to determine more about it with further tests.

"Right now the surgery is scheduled for 12/15 of this year and I should be able to function fairly normally right after surgery. He did say that it will be a few months of healing to be able to sing in full voice. We (Stryper) are recording an album in January of 2024 and I'm planning on singing in February so the doctor says that should be perfect timing.

"Although I am a little nervous because I am a singer, I'm trusting that everything will be OK and that I will be able to put this behind me relatively soon.

"I deeply appreciate your thoughts and prayers and all the support that you have shown for me during this time. I'll keep you all posted as the time draws near.

"Much love and respect,


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