Stryper's Oz Fox Recovering From Brain Surgery


Stryper's Oz Fox Recovering From Brain Surgery

Stryper guitarist Oz Fox is recovering from his latest brain surgery. He and his wife shared an update via social media this weekend, following the procedure late last week.

He shared via Facebook on Saturday, "Now I'm gonna recover in the hotel next door for a few days. And then I'll have a meeting with my doctors later, see how things are going and see what they have to say. And I'll be up and around as soon as I can. We're gonna probably head back to Vegas probably in about a week, roughly."

Oz also shared, "They had to do two scans on me. They did a scan where it was a regular MRI. They couldn't see as many details with that, so they had to do a CT scan on me because they saw something that looked suspicious or whatever for bleeding. I guess they decided it was okay and saved for me to leave.

"Just a quick analogy, the spot where they saw something growing was floating in some brain fluid and it wasn't attached to anything on my brain, which is really great. They still have to analyze it. But we'll see how things go as time goes on and what they say."

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