Poison Frontman Bret Michaels Opens Up About Skin Cancer Scare


Poison Frontman Bret Michaels Opens Up About Skin Cancer Scare

Poison frontman Bret Michaels opened up a little more in a new interview about his recent skin cancer scare and he says that "everything's looking great". He revealed a few weeks ago that the death of his friend Jimmy Buffett from a rare form a skin cancer inspired him to see the doctor, and they found "something".

Michaels said at the time via social media, "Just knowing that I absolutely love the outdoors & the sun but with the recent passing of my friend Jimmy Buffett, I decided it was time for a more recent check up of something I thought was nothing.

"Turns out, it was something. But, thanks to an incredible discovery & biopsy by my doctor Darren West and a quick reaction for this procedure on Friday just before the Texas show, I'm here to say that there's not enough words of gratitude for all that doctors do for so many of us which not only may have saved my life but surely extended it and, although not completely out of the woods yet, I feel strongly all will be great.

Bret was asked about it during a new interview with "Elliot In The Morning", and he repsonded, "After Jimmy Buffett had passed away, and was a friend... I thought maybe it's a good time just to check.

"And most of what I thought was bad ended up being good and the one I thought was good ended up not being good. So we biopsied, went in immediately and right now everything's looking great.

"It was a moment, but I decided, 'Look, I'm just gonna stay positive.' And hopefully the doctors, they're great at what they do, remove as much as they can. And now it's just you go in and do your blood tests and annual checkups about every three months and make sure they got all the margins."

He said later in the interview, "And luckily they caught... What happened to me, I've gotta be straight honest, I had no idea that that - I didn't think that what became something was anything. I was, like, 'That isn't anything.' And the stuff I thought might be something turned out it was nothing. So I leave it into the professionals' hands. And luckily, I went and got that checkup, or it may not have turned out where they got to the margins."

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