Singled Out: 3 Pill Morning's Electric Chair

3 Pill Morning

3 Pill Morning just released their sophomore album "Never Look Back" and to celebrate we asked lead singer Jeff Stebbins to tell us about their single "Electric Chair." Here is the story:

'Electric Chair' was a really cool collaborative process in how quickly it all came together. I had a lyrical concept, Jon (Stephenson, guitar) had a full guitar idea, and we just jumped in the studio and started recording. Every time we hit a part we weren't in love with, someone came up with a killer idea instantly so we were able to write and rewrite things almost instantaneously. We were really vibing on the song and it was so cool to watch the end result happen so fast. Lyrically it is about that struggle of being betrayed on how alone you can feel when that happens. 'Electric Chair' is a strong image of that moment in time.

As far as the recording process, we really started out with a core rock song and as we started to really feel the story of 'Electric Chair,' we started to layer a lot of different things into the song. There's a ton of eerie guitar parts and vocal effects that set the tone for the song and where we wanted to take it: dark, desolate and full of emotion. The turning point of the song is the bridge where we added some crazy vocal chops and electronic synth to really add a cool new part. Throughout the song we took some risks on different ideas we were all feeling and love what the end result is! We've been excited to see the crowd response live and the single as more people have been able to hear it.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!


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Singled Out: 3 Pill Morning's Electric Chair

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