Singled Out: Alex Vans' Bad Business' Velocirapture

Alex Vans' Bad Business

Alex from Alex Vans' Bad Business tells us about the song "Velocirapture (Clever Girl Version)" from their brand new album "Buy American Vol. 1". Here is the story:

Growing up in DC, I've always been a bit of a political junkie. Lately I've been getting more and more frustrated at how folks from both the right, and, disappointingly more and more, the left, have become increasingly irrational, rhetorical, and ideological. "Velocirapture" tells the story of someone who is so attached to his beliefs and ideas, he is willing to watch the world burn for it.

I thought it would be fun to make his religion/ideology complete nonsense, because to an outsider, any tribal identity, ideology, or religion can seem ridiculous. Plus, my co-writer Andy Valenti and I had just spent the afternoon binging on all 4 Jurassic Park movies and had Raptors on the brain; and you can't write a good post-modern anthem to the apocalypse without Raptors.

It was a challenge to translate the meaning of the song into a music video, especially with no budget, but we ended up having a lot of fun with a very small-scope, Texas Chainsaw Massacre look and feel where I run around in the woods being chased by both a maniac wearing a Raptor mask and wielding a pick-axe, and a priest with hidden sinister motivations.

The record, "Buy American Vol. 1," is an extension of that in a lot of ways. I try to explore what its like to navigate life in an increasingly noisy and irrational world. All while trying to remind folks to rock out and not to take it all too seriously.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, watch the video here and learn more about the album right here!


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Singled Out: Alex Vans' Bad Business' Velocirapture

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