Singled Out: Andy Ferro's Hood

London-born, Nashville-raised songwriter Andy Ferro released his debut solo album "Muirhead" today (on cassette, no less) and to celebrate we asked Andy to tell us the humorous inspiration for the song "Hood". Here is the story:

"Hood" is kind of a fragmented song and also the only one that I've ever written even remotely about smoking pot. The first part is about one of my best friends that was stuck in the dark for a while, as we all tend to get now and again. Not feelin' good, you know? The verse was sort of an emotional get well soon card. He's one of the most talented and kind humans I've ever known, but I think all of those bong rips mixed with some poor circumstances were beginning to form a nasty cloud over his head. Naturally, it passed and he's happy again.

On a lighter note, the next verse is the story of another friend and I riding our bikes down to the river to smoke a joint but upon arrival realizing that neither of us had a lighter in our pocket. Then we got in a funny sort of argument about who's responsibility it had been to bring one along. I'm sure we figured it out and promptly forgot all about it.

The outro takes a sharp curve into much more personal territory that I'd rather not elaborate on too much. Another friend, a different story. It's pretty straight forward if you listen closely.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself, go old school and order the new album on cassette here and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Andy Ferro's Hood

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