Singled Out: RPWL's A New Dawn Concert Film


We have a special Singled Out today with RPWL's Yogi Lang shares with us the store behind their just released concert film A New Dawn which was released this past Friday, July 14th. Here is the story:

I remember the Wanted tour back in 2015 wasn't only the longest period on the road for the band, but also the most exhausting show we ever did. The idea was, to stage the album "Wanted" bringing together music and story to one big whole experience. But of course, travel crew and all the needed stage and tech stuff was limited having only one night-liner for the tour, which meant 12 beds at that time. So two actors had to be enough and we decided, apart from many other things, to do quadrophonic sound and visuals, so you had screens not only in front of the audience but also in the rear. All the ideas worked out fine on tour and we did a couple of recordings to see if there's a chance to bring the show on film.

But it was impossible to get this 360 degree impression of the show on film, and so right after the tour we decided to work out a script for a Wanted show designed especially for filming a concert movie and call it A New Dawn.
Imagine, you can leave all the transport problems of a tour behind and work only for one show. So we were not limited to only two actors and realized our idea of having two stages, one for playing music and one for acting. In the end we had more than 20 actors and around 50 people worked for this concert film.

After the event I have to say that this work was one of the greatest experiences for the band. For me personally it was a very touching moment to see, that during the last 20 years the RPWL family became bigger and bigger. Nearly everyone on stage or offstage was connected to the history of the band. This surely was one of the main reasons to manage such a great work!

learn more about the film right here!

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