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SoBro Music are releasing their new "Undiscovered: Rock" album this week which is a compilation of 10 emerging Rock groups from across the country. Mount Tyrant's Hunter Fitch tells us about their song "The Grey". Here is the story:

"'The Grey' was written in a really dark time. We had really just began to get our bearings as a band, but were really getting hit with a lot of different hurdles and roadblocks to get started.

Money. Time. Crummy day jobs. The Nagging feeling that we were getting older and whether or not we were gonna actively pursue careers in music. Whether or not it was time to hang it up and just dial in to trying to be a "normal" person.

The notion to just give up, tune in and kind of become the norm was becoming more of an option. Sonically, "The Grey' was a sort of mishmash of ideas following our EP 'Young Blood'. We were still trying to fine tune and define our sound. Its a little more slammin' then the previous releases. Definitely more aggressive.

I remember I was sitting down one night sort of mindlessly thumbing through various social media feeds, and it kind of hit me how miserable it made me. Everyone was playing a character that they wanted to be perceived as. Everything felt like a forced, empty grab at either attention or gratification. That lead to me sitting down with the song and writing with it.

"Being Plugged in is the way we used to grow"

The whole premise is that, starting with our generation and moving forward - kids are being raised in a sort of plug in and tune out kind of way. We crave attention and stimulation. We can't be alone with our own thoughts. We NEED to be plugged in or tuned in to something. Not being tuned in makes us miserable or scared. When we do plug in, everything feels like sterile version of the real life thing.

"With all eyes on us, we reap what we can sow" - refers to how we are slowly becoming the role we try to play in a digital space. Real personalities, real conversations, are slowly just becoming short interactions. A kind word turns into a like, a joke turns into a meme. Almost like people are slowly becoming the spark-notes abridged versions of themselves just to quickly make an impression.

"Keep the night" - the real driven point of the song, which I guess really means take back your personality. Sit with your thoughts, instead of being scared of them. Feeling sad is okay. Feeling scared is okay. Feeling happy is okay. The digital world has just made everyone seem neutral and terrified to feel things. But feeling things is what makes you a human. So I guess, remove yourself from your digital space a little bit and take a step back. Maybe if you fall asleep without the TV on, or thumbing through social media, you might actually confront some personal sh*t.

Now that you know the story behind the song, learn more about the album right here!

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